Evil Avatar: Muramasa: The Demon Blade Review

Evil Avatar writes: "I really want to know why developers continuously rely on the ole "amnesia" trait for characters in their games. Not only is it old hat at this point, but it just feels like a lazy way to do an RPG. Luckily, that particular complaint really doesn't mean all that much because the story of Muramasa: The Demon Blade really doesn't mean all that much. In fact, it's really a footnote in a very action based RPG."

The Good

* Hallmark example of how to make a great looking Wii game.
* Addicting collection and forging system for your blades.
* Simple yet deep and engaging fighting system.

The Bad

* Too much pointless backtracking.
* For an ARPG, the story is unnecessary and unfufilling

The Ugly

* Yo! Where's my fast travel?

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