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TPG writes: "For those of you living in a cave and don't know what Croke is, it's short for Crokinole. Croke is a well done video version of a game that has been charming millions for centuries.* For the handful on earth that don't know how this game works, here's the skinny: You compete against the computer (who is a wily bastard) or a friend by shooting your disc into the high scoring areas of play. You must strike at least one of the opponent's disc with each shot to keep your disc on the board. If no discs are on the board, you have to land in the 15 point area of play. At the end of the round, the player with the higher score is awarded the delta between the scores. First one to reach the pre-set score goal wins. Sounds simple, but like all good games, a simple but well-implemented premise will keep you coming back for more."

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wondroushippo3789d ago

This was a funny one. Love it when TPG adds some humor and snark with their reviews.

roblef3789d ago

Those ARE the best, you're right.

Neco5123789d ago

Snarky reviews make my day!

bgrundman3789d ago

That makes everything awesome.

roblef3789d ago

Wait, Croke? WTF Is Croke?

bgrundman3789d ago

no kidding, I have never heard of this game before.

roblef3789d ago

I've never even heard of this game!