Gaming Age: Guitar Hero 5 Review

Gaming Age writes: "Every time I go into a new Guitar Hero or Rock Band game, I keep thinking that this is going to be the game that breaks it for me. This is going to be the one that makes me say, ok, I'm completely and utterly bored with this stuff, please stop. And every single time, outside of maybe Smash Hits, I'm genuinely re-hooked again. Guitar Hero 5 doesn't break that mold, and while it doesn't introduce as much new stuff as World Tour did with the new instruments and GH Tracks stuff, it's still a pretty solid entry into the franchise, and shows enough polish and innovation to keep it interesting amidst an accessory heavy fall season. If you've never managed to get into these music titles, this isn't going to draw you in, but it'll certainly appeal to the base crowd that's been playing them since the beginning, and it's certainly worth picking up for those fans".

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