Bridging the Gender Gap: How to Get Girls to Game

How male gamers can expand the gaming community to females, and how the role of female gamers is changing as we speak.

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Pheneus4179d ago

There seem to be almost no compelling female characters in games. I admit even being surprised sometimes and a little disappointed when I see a game I want to play that has a female lead. Part of it is because they are usually so poorly written, and the other part is that I have a hard time identifying with a girl main character in trying to really fall into the game. Hopefully if there are more frequent and better written female characters all that will change.

progx4179d ago (Edited 4179d ago )

Pshhh...foolish peoples! Video games are no place for girls!

Scrooge4179d ago

Just make the products pink like the PSP in the picture and the girls will start buying. duh

gta_cb4179d ago

lol i know alot of girls that play games, especially on the xbox 360, PSP and PS2

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