BioWare: Motion controls attempt to do fantastic things

Destructoid writes: With Microsoft and Sony following Nintendo into the motion control era, the subject of waggle is a hot topic. While checking out Dragon Age: Origins at BioWare headquarters, I took the opportunity to ask lead designer Mike Laidlaw what he thought of motion controls, and their potential effect on the industry.

"Motion controls are really attempting to do two things, both of which are fantastic," he explained. "First, you have a movement towards pulling the player off the couch. To making them move and use more than just their fingers to steer the game. Not only does this combat the stigma of video games as being only for couch potatoes, but it opens up new avenues of gaming that simply weren't there before.

"Exercise games were around before, but they only felt like an ancillary product or interactive guide until Wii Fit suddenly started judging us, and encouraging us to get better using real data, or Dance Dance Revolution tasked us with actually moving our feet quickly and in patterns.

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DrRobotnik4343d ago

Motion controls was a great idea, but it gets old quick. Wagging around a wii controler for three hours trying to kill something gets old quick. Sometimes a good flick of the thumb is all you need after a hard days work.

Peter North4343d ago

The 360 one attempts, the Ps3 one succeeds.