Getting There: It's half the fun

Kombo: With so many open-world games and MMORPGs taking up our time in the last few years, the time we spend getting from one place to another in games has risen dramatically. The old adage goes, "Getting there is half the fun!" With wide open games like these, that absolutely has to be true. If going from one place to another isn't entertaining, why make the gamer go through it?

This summer's Prototype and inFamous both took that to heart. I'd argue that getting around the city in Prototype is actually the most fun part of the game. inFamous' railgrinding is entertaining and stylish and adds to the character of Cole McGrath. Both are fast and interactive ways to get around open maps. The upcoming Champions Online MMO, like City of Heroes before it, provides a variety of ways to get around: jumping, flying, swinging, burrowing all give the player a way to get around that allows them to interact with it as much as they like.

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