Where the Nintendo B-Listers Really Went

Kombo: was reading Brian's excellent piece about Nintendo's B-list franchises and nodding my head in agreement. I'm a big fan of Nintendo's lesser known brands, in fact just as much so as the "core" Mario/Zelda/Metroid brands Nintendo touts so proudly.

I turned into a total Star Fox fanboy during the SNES days, and an even bigger one in the 64-bit era. Who couldn't be? 3D rail shooters were amazing, and Star Fox was the pinnacle of the design. And lest we not ignore F-Zero, to me at least, the single greatest idea for a video game ever. F-Zero was like the combination of the World Wrestling Federation (sorry, not calling it WWE) and street racing. It was down and dirty, but in a Marvel Comics sort of way.

To this very day in my mind I still hold F-Zero GX as the single greatest racing game ever produced. Kid Icarus's Pit is a character with loads of potential, but just sits in the annals of history being farther forgotten. And Donkey Kong hasn't had success with the mainstream since Nintendo forgot the things that made DKC's franchise reboot 15 years ago so appealing.

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