Xbox 360 Elite drops out of top 50 sales post $299

Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 Elite fell out of the top 50 sales rank at retail this week following a price cut to under $300.

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Silellak3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

It really isn't a surprise; the 360 Elite simply isn't a match for the PS3 when they're both the same price. Some people will still go for the 360, sure, because they prefer the exclusive games, or more of their friends have the system. But when it comes down to people who are just looking for the most value, they're going to turn to the PS3.

Microsoft needs to either improve the value of the 360's Elite bundle by adding more to it, or further drop the price to $250.

If I were MS, this is what I would do:

Elite bundle: $279 - 120 gb hard drive, bundled network adapter, pack-in exclusive game

Arcade bundle $199 - 20 gb hard drive

Lower the price of the network adapter to $49 and the 120 gb stand-alone hard drive to $79. Improve Live's service so that it offers more features above and beyond PSN to further justify the price to consumers.

While this won't MATCH the PS3's value, it will at least put them on more even footing. The big gaps at that point will be Blu-Ray playback, and free online play, both of which would be hard to swing at this point in the 360's life cycle.

Even then, nothing is obviously guaranteed, but some changes will have to be made to the 360's pricing (particularly with their accessories) if they want to even have a chance at remaining competitive against the behemoth that is a $299 PS3.

GWAVE3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Fission mailed?

Continuing to price drop won't necessarily increase the 360's sales. See, with the PS3, people have been WAITING for a price drop. Gamers have been saying this since the PS3 launched. The 360's price, however, has always been affordable, and the Arcade unit has been cheaper than the Wii for 3/4th of a year now.

Remember that the Gamecube system was always cheaper than the competition...

FlipMode3787d ago

Looks like xbox price drops aren't going to do the damage they used to, the PS3 is at too good of a price point now.

patterson3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Well, M$ has already had the cheapest (both in price and build quality) console on the market now for about a year. Further price drops aren't going to do much except cause brief sales blips.

What they really need to do is offer compelling exclusives. That's what sells in the long term and brings in new customers.

josuttis3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Microsoft's E&D division that the Xbox is part of just posted an 30+ million dollar loss for last quarter. The company continues to do massive cost cutting and layoffs.

They already did their desperation price cut to 200 dollars. If they actually could afford more losses on the Xbox 360 they would have done so at the same time the Slim was introduced.

sonarus3787d ago

Sweet...another price cut incoming for the X360. Or maybe some exclusive DLC for some upcoming game. Go microsoft go

JonnyBigBoss3787d ago

Agreed. Now, obviously it depends what the consumer is looking for, but the PS3 is now just a better product at the same price for the average consumer than the 360.

eagle213787d ago

PS3 era in full swing. Japan sales for PS3 were for 3 days! The Elite also has a 3 star customer rating while the Slim and Wii are 4.5/5 stars.

Teh amazon, teh amazon. lol

soxfan20053787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

So, I guess when official sales number come out, there will be no more PS3 excuses.

"Just wait for the price drop"
"Just wait for the slim"

They're both here. Plus, the PS3 price drop happened in mid-August, and the slim was released around August 25. Meanwhile, the 360 price cuts didn't take effect until August 30, giving PS3 two weeks with a HUGE price advantage.

It will be interesting to see the official numbers as they start coming out in the next few weeks.

MS is in a very good position right now. Even with the $299 PS3 slim providing stiff competition, 360 sales continue to grow month over month and year over year. As I have predicted many times, PS3's gains will NOT come at the expense of the 360 - they will come at the expense of PS2 and Wii.

EDIT @ Familyguy - I do not dislike the PS3, I dislike the extreme PS3 fanboys. Look at my posting history - where do you see any hate? Any "extreme" remarks I make are ALWAYS in response to an ignorant PS3 fanboy rant. Want to see the dumbest, most ignorant comments from PS3 fanboys? They are easy to find - just look in any positive 360 article. Just as you would like to see people like me off this site, I would like to enjoy reading articles about my favorite games without being swarmed by ignorant PS3 fanboys. The difference between me and them is that they always make the first dumb comment - I just respond after.

omegaheat3787d ago

You took the ideas right out of my head. However, the tip of the iceberg would be to internally include the wireless adapter. It's quite sad that even the Wii has built in WiFi. The technology is so old and the thought of paying a hundred bucks for an outdated adapter seems ridiculous. Microsoft is now in a position to price cut their hardware and accessories by 30 percent or more. Right now, I think it's a wise decision to play the wait and see game. Going head to head with Sony's $299 console that has WiFi, Blu-ray, and free online play makes the choice obvious to any consumer that's indecisive about which one to get. I love my 360 and it's games, but Microsoft doesn't need to win me over anymore; it now has to capitalize on the market that's been holding out for a better value. Sony by no means can afford another price drop on their console. A $249 120gb Elite with WiFi included would be the nail in the coffin to its competitors. With the Natal coming around the corner it would be naive for analyst or anybody to assume that a bomb in pricing won't be dropping soon. The $299 Elite is just testing waters. The Natal will be the relaunch of the 360 just as the PS3's new slim design is to their third relaunch. And yes, this is the third launch.

FamilyGuy3787d ago

Yes, it will be interesting to see how much higher the sales actually were than VGCharts reported and how pointless the Elite drop was but we won't see that info till the end of the month/next month.

It'll also be interesting to see you disappear from this site as your unfounded PS3 hate will be over whelmed by the massive influx of positive PS3 news.

Seriously, I do want to see how much the 360s sells with its price drops and to see how it did in japan since it had an unusual raise in the weeks leading up to the slim ps3s release.

The Killer3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

keep lying to your self until one day you believe your lie,

ps3 slim launched 26 of august?? LOL, ps3 price cut start mid august(mid=15 of august)LOL, you are missing one week delayment in everything releated to slim and price cut.

ps3 will just suck out most of 360 sales, and you will see it this holiday!! what does 360 have?? hmmmm extension pack for halo, and hhmmm alan wake? or thats next year?? and hmmmm splinter cell?? well thats looks good but ps2 1.5 graphics, the action looked cool, but uncharted just fly so high from it!!

TheBlackSmoke3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

The fact the people are even talking of further price cuts to solve the issue is an admittance that the 360 is not worth the money they are asking for it.

you silly fangirls bragged about sales all the time when it was HALF THE PRICE of the PS3 but now they are the same price, the 360 has been shown as the cheap piece of inferior technology that it really is.

EDIT: @ soxfan

Please stop with the damage control. PS3 is a more desirable product than the 360.

Funny how all of a sudden a headstart counts eh soxfan?

soxfan20053787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Read the comments - that's from 8/26.

lokiroo4203787d ago

LMAO, soxfan using the head start excuse, wow!

3787d ago
Alvadr3787d ago

At least they didnt increase the price of the arcade, that would be stupid..

..Oh wait..

Bob Loblaw3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

You don't get charged until your product ships so PS3 Slim's actual "sales" didn't register until the release day of September 1st, NOT when people pre-ordered a week early. Sales numbers for the PS3 Slim before September 1st will be zero because people didn't actually "buy" it until September 1st, NOT August 26th like you're implying so you can protect your beloved 360's integrity.

Nice try with the damage control though ;)

shovelbum3787d ago

I play the hell out of my 360 but for MS to compete long term with the PS3 at the current price point, they are going to have to bundle wifi with the elite console. That IMO is a big issue for anyone interested in the 360. I paid nearly a hundred bucks that that stupid adapter. I think it's time (way past actually) to integrate it with the console. Either way it'll return near the top when Halo drops.

CaptainKratos3787d ago

sony is doom.......................oh wait nvm o__o

rockleex3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

But it matters that retailers were selling PS3 slims before the official release date.

It didn't matter that Dreamcast launched before the PS2.

But it mattered that PS2 launched before the Xbox and Gamecube.

soxfan2005 and other fanboys are too funny.

ultimolu3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

And soxfan keeps spinning.

Round and round we go! Whee!

Yes, because there's no such thing as extreme 360 fans.

rockleex3787d ago




You spin my head right round right round... all 360 degrees.

Game13a13y3787d ago

to really make an impact on the PS3 slim sales. at same price point, customers will go with the more next-gen high tech future proof machine (the PS3) on any given day. but if its like $99 vs $299, then some cheapass gamer will buy it.

JokesOnYou3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

The extreme sony folks on this site always take any positive news for sony to the extreme. PS3 is doing well but I expect 360 will do just fine, once again Amazon has become big news even though ps3 has been higher on Amazon bestseller list most of the time compared to 360 and still 360 has outsold ps3 consistently month to month by NPD#'s, although obviously ps3 sales are waay up now which will be reflected in NPD#'s still Amazon is just a small portion of the overall sales #'s.


soxfan20053787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

The article I linked to had several reports of PS3 slims at Best Buy stores on 8/26. Those sales will certainly count on the day they are sold. Nice try with your spin, though.

JD_Shadow3786d ago

@soxfan2005: Then why didn't you say that when you first posted it? Might've saved yourself a BUNCH of headach...oh, wait, you say that AFTER the fact!

@JOY: You know, I'm waiting for the time when you will actually TRY to find some new arguments than "excuse all these Sony faithful that call you out on your BS", and the "yeah, but" line. I mean, how many more times must we have to hear and debunk these? It's not like we've never heard them before.

masterg3786d ago


Why on earth would you be happy about exclusive DLC.
Exclusive DLC is just the same DLC as would have been made anyway. The only difference is a company paid money for it to be exclusive. Meaning the exclusive console doesn't win, it just doesn't lose.

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DrRobotnik3787d ago

Well this was bound to happen.

patterson3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Whaaa? OK so M$ dropped the price to $300 and then it promptly drops out of the top 50 LOL. Wow that's not good HAHAHAHA.

I guess they've reached maximum saturation. Maybe for their PC gaming fix, potential customers are instead turning to *gasp* a new PC? ;D

El Botto3787d ago

"but, but, but...PS3 slim iz too late because MS will drop down ze price"

36T3787d ago

I wouldn't talk too soon. Sure the PS3 slim is selling very well. Everybody expected it to sell well in the first few months. Good on Sony for coming up with a plan to build their user base. MS has a plan and soon enough (after the Slim hype) the plan will be put into affect. It should be back and forth between the two for quite some time. After all, this is business.

PS3PCFTW3787d ago

there will b no back n forth.
360 has no games.
360 has no devs to make those games.
360 has no bluray.
360 has no blutooth
360 has no answer for uncharted
360 has no answer for gt5
360 has no answer for rrod

time to JUMP OUT of the sinking ship. xflopspleezfixme : "fission mailed".

it only does EVERYTHING the 360 does and doesnt do, but ps3 does it ALL much better

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D4RkNIKON3787d ago

Haha woo hoo! Sony is awake, now they just need to run those ads like theres no TOMORROW!

neonlight453787d ago

Yeah, and none of those extremely weird ads

The_Beast3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Elite at 99.99$ and pro at 49.99$

Rockstar3787d ago

@ that price I'd grab 2 (elites)

Shadow0173787d ago

Ya I agree just drop the price to 99.99$ already.

Godmars2903787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Only they ship w/o HDD, which now cost $500.

patterson3787d ago

lol that would be a good deal but after a few years of paying for LIVE you're right back where you started xD

Obama3787d ago

I can find a better deal for a heater nowadays.

Insomnia_843787d ago

They will start giving Elites with Happy Meals!!

54percent3787d ago

people needs cheap heathers

36T3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

LMAO.. wow you people are sad. I hope you all feel better now. Sleep tight tonight! Don't forget to put the Slim under your pillow for added comfort. i LOVE N4G! lol

Has the thought of writing positive comments about the PS3 Slim in the PS3 section ever crossed your minds? Some of you spend all your time on N4G in 360 articles. Why?

talltony3787d ago

Both consoles are the same price for once yet people have chosen to buy the ps3 instead. The only lead the 360 has is its year head start without any competition.

36T3787d ago

Good point Talltony. Considering that the Xbox 360 has full of hardware problems and they're tied with the monster that PlayStation is/was, is a huge success for MS. Wouldn't you agree?

talltony3787d ago

Yes good point i would agree actually considering they are microsoft and they have made a fairly defective console this gen. They made the xbox into a houshold name now so that I will give them credit for.

TheOutsider3787d ago

Winter is coming!! I'll get Two for a heater for my rooms! HA!

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