Top Ten Best RPG Minigames

Everybody knows the main draw of an RPG is the main story. But that doesn't mean people don't enjoy taking a break from saving the world and just pass time with no particular purpose. That's the reason minigames exist. Most are absurdly simple, but every now and then there's one that makes you forget about the villain you're supposed to be hunting to the end of the world and beyond. VGChartz picks their 10 favorite minigames in an RPG.

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DrRobotnik3785d ago

I'd have to say my favorite was the battle arena in the original xenogears on psx. I used to play that with my cousin for hours.

JustinSaneV23785d ago

I spent an ungodly amount of time playing Blitzball...

patterson3785d ago

Nice list. I also like the mini-game for Xenosaga III (HaKox). It was essentially echonochrom but using Xenosaga characters. 50 levels!