Ich Bin Ein Bad Dude

Nazis: not the most sympathetic of villains. In some ways they've become the perfect videogame bad guys – an impersonal horde, enacting designs of unspeakable evil, ready and waiting to be blown from their polished boots by all-American heroes wielding Thompsons, bazookas and, in Wolfenstein's case, Tesla guns.

Yet films have been able to paint a much more complex picture. It may have taken them a while, but movies eventually made the journey from monocle-wearing SS goons sneering "For you, Tommy, the war is over!" to the gut-wrenching moral complexity of being a secretary in Hitler's bunker. When will we – or could we ever – see games make a similar transition? Games have let you play as Nazi forces, of course, but usually only in the contextually neutered realm of multiplayer, or at the morally ambivalent macroscale of strategic warfare. But will we experience a more personal account?

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