Six reasons why Halo 3: ODST is worth your $60

Forget the whiners. Halo 3: ODST will be worth every penny of your hard earned cash. Here's why.

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simplyRealistic183794d ago

seriously is that what you think, one of the reason was it had the full halo 3 mp experience, so basically you paying just to play the same multi-player with only 3 new maps that could be a dlc

new campaign: that like every expansion that ever came out, seriously

Firefight: that's the only new experience , nice they added it

Halo: reach beta: that just their way of advertising ODST

seriously, they should have ODST as a DLC for lets say $30-$40

JonnyBigBoss3794d ago

Agreed. I don't care what "standalone expansion" the game is for. If it's for MGS4, Killzone 2, Halo ODST or Gears of War I don't care. It SHOULD be $39.99. I guess consumers just like to get ripped off most of the time.

F N A Pepper3794d ago

is that the stand alone campaign for ODST is the same length as Halo 3 its not shorter, the made sure to let everyone know at the Gamestop conference in vegas that the campaign became bigger than they had originally planned and in the end it ende up being about a 15 hour game, so yes its worth 60 bucks.

beans3794d ago

5 disagrees for speaking the truth.

edit simplyrealistic: "one of the reason was it had the full halo 3 mp experience, so basically you paying just to play the same multi-player with only 3 new maps that could be a dlc"

I'm paying for those maps and the coop experience with no complaints. They will all be played thousands of time so Im getting my money's worth.

"new campaign: that like every expansion that ever came out, seriously"

And just how do you know? Your guessing and passing it off as factual so your views can not be taken serious.

" Halo: reach beta: that just their way of advertising ODST"

That comes later and if it sells more games then so be it. quit hating and fearing halo lol

"seriously, they should have ODST as a DLC for lets say $30-$40"

Well why don't i just go to your job and tell you what I'm going to pay for a cheese burger. They can set the price at what ever they want as long as people buy it like PS3 did. Who are you to say whats worth anything? If you can't buy it don't get it as simple as that.

JOLLY13794d ago

Longer single player than most games on other systems
Completely different single player experience than other Halo games
Firefight aka...Horde Mode
That is basically cod waw or GeoW...activision wants to charge how much for cod mw2?

HolyOrangeCows3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

1) Recycled Halo 3 MP

2) Short Campaign (Six hours according to Bungie - Though they decided to say a higher number a couple weeks later. Deceivers...)

3) Bungie's Tricks - $10 for some stupid maps if you want to play the MP game types that were included in the original game.

kalebgray923794d ago

they had to make an article to "prove" its worth $60 bucks... fansite much.... lol never seen a article for WOW say "why its full price game for some of the experience" cuz its not.... nothing has improved for halo odst.... ive seen the playthroughs and its boring.... the only reason to get this is for the reach beta... which will be worth the $ too funny xbox fanteens defending a standalone expansion and paying an extra $40

ReservoirDog3163794d ago

It's worth it to those who have XBL. To 360 owners without XBL? It's not worth $60.

SnuggleBandit3794d ago

I just came back from working out at ASU's student recreation center and there were 4 kiosks with people playing halo 3:odst...why can't sony do crap like that? Anyone who would play a level from Uncharted would instantly be hooked.

3794d ago
Tony P3794d ago

I suppose it's pretty much worth the price if you consider gamers have settled for MUCH less where shooters are concerned.

The only thing I don't like about the whole deal is that MS went the greedy route deciding "Hey, that's too much content to give a way for reduced price."

I wish this had been DLC or at least installable, because the redundant Halo 3 MP is hurting it imo. The whole point of an expansion is to add new things, not help fill the disc with already released material. If you had to have the original game, like a proper expansion, they could have focused energies on making a few new modes or features or something.

aldesko3794d ago

If Halo: ODST is $60, how much will Halo Reach be since it will actually be a full game? $90?

IMO, ODST should only be $30. The devs already said the game will be "7 hours", which in 'dev talk' equates to just over 4 hours... so I think ODST should really be priced a bit higher than the GTA DLC since it has a new co-op mode.

However, the 'game' will sell like hotcakes at $60, so MS would be stupid to sell it at half the price. If people pay $60 for it and are happy, it's worth $60 to them.

GiantEnemyCrab3794d ago

Like someone already mentioned, Bungie has come out and said 12-15hrs for a NEW campaign. From what I've seen(in person) it is not like Halo 3 as far as being a linear campaign.

People still hanging on the "it's just an expansion/DLC" are still listening to old news.

Dacapn3794d ago

It's not worth $60. Oblivion, Fallout 3, and GTAIV have all shown what you get for 10-30 dollars worth of DLC, and they offer as much as ODST is offering for Halo 3. The new campaign and maps could have been added as DLC. Firefight is a mode that could have been patched into Halo's multiplayer for free, seeing as COD4 added new modes at no additional cost.

This game is simply not worth the price of a full game. I have no doubt it will please its fans, but if most of you changed your stance to "Yes it's overpriced, but I'm still gonna buy it" you'd sound sensible. But to actually defend the price of the game makes you sound like blind fanboys.

ReservoirDog3163794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

To clarify, I'm not saying ODST is a bad game that's not worth anything. I'm saying that if you have XBL, it's a game that could last you a long time. But if you don't have XBL, you're paying $60 for a game where you miss out on the best parts of the game. The single player is good and everything but it can't compete with the online. Everyone who has XBL should get this game.

edit: @ Dacapn,
You have a point. Valve games sometimes get updates that could be worth $30 as DLC but they patch it in for free. But regardless, if you would buy ODST, you'd get your money's worth, if you have XBL.

Sarcasm3794d ago

The game is no longer than 6-8 hours. Whoever said 15 is lying.

badz1493794d ago

but the real question is, is this news-worthy or article-worthy?? people are going to buy it anyway! it's HALO and it's a no brainer it will sell! I hate rip-off but M$ is stupid to not sell this @ full price! haters be damned! this is just another MW2 fiasco again! for those who think that it's not worth it, don't buy! - like how I ill not buy MW2!

Sarcasm3794d ago

Battle Rifle fans will be disappointed though. It's my favorite weapon in Halo 3, it's also my favorite knock-off in Resistance 2. Well err I mean Resistance 2 has the knock-off.

But sadly, ODST does not have a battle rifle. I don't know why bungie didn't include that.

aldesko3794d ago

"Like someone already mentioned, Bungie has come out and said 12-15hrs for a NEW campaign."


"Four flashbacks and a lot of night-time wandering takes close to three hours to plough through on Heroic - the 'right' setting by Bungie's reckoning. It puts the game on track for a seven or eight hour campaign, all of which can be modified with Halo 3's skulls right from the start if regular Halo isn't vicious enough for you."

7 or 8 hour campaign in dev talk is really like 4.5 hours.

IdleLeeSiuLung3794d ago

From what I hear, it seems like a fair value with 12-15 hours of campaign and all the maps available for Halo 3 + Firefight. Besides, the true value of a game is only measured in how much you play it.

You could get Fallout 3 or an JRPG then play it for 3-hours and get bored. Was that still good value?

3794d ago
WenisWagon3793d ago

Hard earned cash? Just exactly how hard is it for xbots to beg mommy for $60?

sGIBMBR3793d ago

I agree, but if you simply don't, then don't buy Halo: ODST... Problem solved, just stop the b!tching!

Homicide3793d ago

"they had to make an article to "prove" its worth $60 bucks... fansite much.... lol never seen a article for WOW say "why its full price game for some of the experience" cuz its not"

But if it was about a PS3 game, you would be praising the website. I seen a bunch of "Why PS3 is worth it" and you PS3 fanboys come flocking to it praising the site and article.

To me, this game is worth $60. Single player campaign that lasts just about the same as many FPS out there, amazing multiplayer and co-op...something KZ2 didn't have. lulz. So was KZ2 overpriced then?

vhero3793d ago

This is like the 6th article on why this game is worth the money is somebody worried or something? If A game is good enough it shouldn't nee articles like this.

Jaces3793d ago

As excited as I am to play this...$60 in my mind for an expansion is to much.

Seeing how I just got my 360 yesterday, I have a lot of catching up to do so I'll be occupied until at least a price drop of sorts later in the future.

Sub4Dis3793d ago

i've been doing my best to stay out of this bickering back and forth about what's worth money and what's not. personally, i think it's a matter of perspective, and further, i think odst probably isn't worth 60 dollars. BUT, i don't really see anyone making this claim about call of duty. and i think it's odd because the first cod 4 is loved by many and it's campaign took me about 6 hours on hard and i bet one hour of that was spent doing that damn last section of the sniper level over and over. additionally...cod series, since 2 has been running on a continually modified quake 4 engine. The campaigns are always generally short, and with the exception of the little red dot they put on your gun in mw to make the game not look exactly ike the others, all the multiplayer plays out exactly the same way. and they churn out basically the same experiences every 11 months or so. nobody really seems to take issue with this, so i don't see why odst is such a big deal. is it just that it's halo? some ppl hate the name halo so much that they would slam it regardless of the content. i think this is less an issue of value and more of an issue of contempt. if you don't want halo, don't buy it. but you really don't need to continue to voice your very biased point of view. it's not going to influence the ppl who want to buy it. and if it comes purely down to content, you could do much worse. uncharted is a really good game, but the entire game takes 6-8 hours on the first play through. or heavenly sword...takes about 5. and neither has multiplayer. and i don't think anyone is going to argue that uncharted wasn't worth the money. so if you enjoy the halo universe and that style of gameplay, it seems to me, you're probaby going to be happy with what you're getting. we should probably just leave it at that.

SixZeroFour3793d ago

the first run through campaign may be only 4-8 hours long (depending on difficulty and your experience) but whos to say that you wont be going back in playing coop campaign after you are finished? its an open world map with 4 player coop and enemies respawning...basically like an endless campaign with no missions, like gta

also, i still personally think that most games (obviously with the exceptions of some games) have an average campaign that is only 5-8 hours long, and sold at full retail price ($50-70) and ppl only play the camaign onces and are done with many have gone back to replay the mgs4 campaign, even tho i think it was long, how many have played it more than once? (no, i dont know the actual number but i still doubt that the majority did)

odst campaign will, just like halo 3s campaign is still being played, be played countless times even after being finished and being an open world map will only make it more fun

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patterson3794d ago

Reassurance article #842513.21 on why the exapansion Halo ODST is worth $60


36T3794d ago

LOL.. but seriously, this game is starting to attract my attention.

nightelfmohawk3794d ago

Because it has "Halo" in the name. That's enough reason for bots. The fact that they've been waiting all year for even 1 mediocre exclusive helps too.

3794d ago
NewZealander3794d ago

i dont understand why so many ps3 owners have to bash every 360 article, its simple really if you dont like 360 then why bother looking and commenting in every 360 story?

i like both consoles, and i own both for the exclusives, and yes i love halo.

36T3794d ago

"Because it has "Halo" in the name. That's enough reason for bots"

Not for me. The only Halo i played was the first one. The others didn't interest me. This one just looks that fun to play. You don't like fun games? I'll play it at a friends before buying it though.

Deadman643794d ago

Newzeal this is their life. Don't judge, they can't help it.

ukilnme3794d ago

Lol, how is that any different than any of you droids buying anything that is a Playstation exclusive? I hope you idiots realize that people like what they like in games. There is nothing that all the b1tching, crying and commenting on N4G by you droids or the bots can do to change that.

NewZealander3794d ago

dont worry im not judging, i just dont understand the motivation behind it, i dislike some things in life too im just not as vocal about it i guess.

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Shadow Man3794d ago

It will sell more , than Infamous and killzone2 combined.

wxer3794d ago

yah thats because kids love stupid things
add to that all the hype from Microsoft

Tyler_XMB3794d ago

@ Shadow Man
Another 360 fanboy using sales again. Keep playing those sales while we play the quality games.

tehk1w13794d ago

That sounds more like why the Xbox 360 isn't worth $60

OGharryjoysticks3794d ago

Or in most Xbox 360 cases, your parents "hard earned cash".

Check the demographic.

Biggunz3794d ago

very true...I think the average age of a box gamer is between 11-17.

Pizzagaki3794d ago

I think your not very mature yourself with comments like that.

JsonHenry3794d ago

Weird. All the adults I know have a 360. The few kids I know have PS3s..

IrishAssa3794d ago

Go on live and you'll know most user's are between 11-17,
im 17 also but some of us annoying teens work for are extra's( such as video game's ) and not just b!cth to are parent's for them. I paid for Halo 3 but there was a bigger diferance between Halo 2-3 than 3 and ODST as far as I can tell, the Scarab battle vid is just like in Halo 3 when you fight the 2 scarab's on the third last level.

kalebgray923794d ago

you know the ones that make your ears hurt.... lol all i know are highschoolers that have 360's then they carry into college... ps3 users do have kids but not nearly enough

3794d ago
Sarcasm3794d ago

It's hilarious. All this talk about price before. Teeny boppers and high schoolers cant afford a PS3. They could buy a $199 Arcade unit though.

Another One3793d ago

that maybe it's because there's way more people on XBL than on PS3 playing online? Don't try to dispute that. We all know it to be fact.

More gamers = potential for more kids. It happens. You learn to deal with it. You know, when you grow up and realize your pointless complaining is just as bad.

SixZeroFour3793d ago

the are more ppl on live with mics and the little kiddies are the ones open to use it...the more older and mature ppl jsut have their headsets on and only speak when they need to inform ppl or are in a party chat with thier friends

seeing as how all (i think, not too sure if arcade has it) bundles have a mic included with them, then most, if not all xbox live members have a mic to talk with..and little kiddies will say anything just cause they are immature and they think that changes it :S anyways, just cause the majority of the voices you hear on live is kids, doesnt mean that that is the majority of the players playing are kids...that just means that most of the ones that actually speak through the mic are immature little kids

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