The Origins Of LittleBigPlanet

NowGamer: Media Molecule has unveiled a flyer for an early pitch of LittleBigPlanet showing how much the game changed during it's development

The flyer, entitled 'Craft World' is wordy, with far less art than you'd expect from the creative bods at the studio - and the central character is a poor relation to the sackboy we all know and love. The DIY aesthetic was in place in the early stages however, with the potential game's main selling point cited as putting 'the player in control of a uniquely customisable, compelling game-world.'

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ChozenWoan3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Doesn't the main character look like a Trouser Snake in that poster. It's refreshing to see Sackboi's great great great grandpappi, but he could have at least closed the fly first.

Just read the article and it's nice to see someone's dream become everyone's dream. Being able to Play, Create, Share.

ohh and that thing in the pic for this article is not Sackboi's great great great grandpappi as I had originally though. Don't know who or what that is, but it's a little unsettling.

GrandTheftZamboni3785d ago

That's like watching those first Mickey Mouse cartoons or early Simpsons episodes.