PlayStation 3 best-selling next-gen game console in the Benelux

It goes well beyond expectations with the sales of the PlayStation 3. Since the price on August 19 this year, sales of the world's most complete entertainment quadrupled. This is the PlayStation 3 the best selling next-gen game console in the Benelux for the moment.

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54percent3783d ago

"imnotgoodtenglish - 3 hours ago
1 -
thats so lame. "

I put my answer to that over there -------->

HolyOrangeCows3783d ago

...that's still quite impressive.

DrRobotnik3783d ago

........? Move along citizens. Nothing to see here.

SupaPlaya3783d ago

there is nothing to see here.

Until the 360 gets another price drop and sales increase by 40% that is.

Moving along...

Socomer 19793783d ago

the ps3 sold 500,000 in a week.
thats wii numbers right there.
if anyone remembers the wii sold 2 million in 1 month.
i have my fingers crossed for ps3.

SupaPlaya3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

the numbers will probably slow down steadily after the first 2 weeks, but it may break 1 million in 4 weeks.

It'll pick up again in November from the Christmas shoppers. I'm most interested in how the PS3 will fare against the Wii during Christmas. It'll also depend on if the Wii is getting a price drop or killer bundle.

3783d ago
54percent3783d ago

bu-bu-bu-but teh eliteeeee......

3783d ago
Ron_Burgundy3783d ago

consumers only want the best value and that's the PS3

buying a flopbox is no different than a bot buying a used Maxy Pad

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The story is too old to be commented.