Zenimax Acquiring Prey Trademark

As of last Tuesday, the owner of Bethesda Softworks (and more recently id Software) has been getting its trademark hands sticky on with Prey.

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Wiitactics3789d ago

Prey was so cool! And so few people know about the game it's sad.

Cajun Chicken3789d ago

Crikey. That's awesome news. Loved the first game, shame it got pretty much forgotten because of Portal. But Prey did it first, and in my opinion, better.
Simply an awesome concept and plot, I loved the character of Tommy.

"YES! Lets see how you f**king like it!"; when alien boss drops machine gun, best quote in game.

This is great news for the franchise. I thought the lack of 3D Realms had doomed this franchise.

Feral Gamer3789d ago

I loved the unique portal elements, especially where you go through a portal and end up on the sphere located under a glass in the middle of the room. Simply amazing!