Kotaku: Final Fantasy XIII Demo Impressions

Final Fantasy XIII is Square Enix's latest entry in the Final Fantasy franchise. The eagerly anticipated role-playing-game is a PS3 exclusive in Japan (the demo was running off of PS3 Slims), but is a multi-platform release abroad.

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ballsofsteel3790d ago

I'm a little skeptical of the active time battle mechanics. I'm big fan re turn based gameplay cause i feel it's much more strategic and fun and generally the active time mechanics can get tedious over the coarse of an entire game, but i hope these guys can get it right. was going to import this until i realized its going to cost me $100 for the game alone

Noct3790d ago

I have played the demo and the battle system is the best in an FF game so far.

I really liked all the battle systems in FFI up until X-2 but i really really disliked XII's.

FFXIII's battle system IS turn-based but just a little faster based and you can combo attacks.

Once you play it and experience how fun it is your doubts will be gone.