Blu-ray may not be attractive enough to spark PS3 sales

Sony is betting big on the Blu-ray format to help spur sales of the new Playstation 3, however, early reaction suggests that high-definition format movies may not be attractive enough to spark a $1,000 or $500 investment.
In an article published on Thursday, LA Times Staff Writer David Colker claims that the leap to high-definition flicks is marginal.

"I've looked at Blu-ray and HD DVD on 42-inch and 50-inch screens, which are now popular sizes for home use," he said. "The upgrade in image quality from DVDs was subtle - nothing close to the kind of leap we saw when switching from VHS tape to DVDs in the late 1990s."

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bernie6561d ago

The HD-DVD format has just increased its picture quality still further, using new compression technology, it will be included in every HD DVD player including the Xbox360 add-on.great news!


OutLaw6560d ago

So they feel that there isn't much of a leap from DVD format to Blu Ray or HD DVD. So why should people pay all that extra money right now.

djsimo6560d ago

blue-ray = rubbish

Dustin_c_miller20086560d ago

i would rather stick with my color tv at least i know how it works.

BOSS6560d ago

Extra storage space on blue-ray just isnt worth $1000.00 dollars. Or $600 plus $50 dollars in tax and $75 for those blue-ray games! Listen to BOSS.