Short Mercenaries 2 video

Announced during E3, Mercenaries is for the moment only confirmed on PS3, but a 360 version seems to be possible too. The official site of the game has been updated with some short flash videos showing 3 vehicles, that I've captured and uploaded here for your convenience.

joemutt6562d ago

Wasnt it xbox exclusive? Now its Sony exclusive? Come on Bill, give them some money, I dont want to have to buy a PS3 but this might just make me do it!

shotty6562d ago

I think since sony lacked alot of actual exclusives they spent money on time exclusives. Who cares we get the games a few months later, we actually get to play the game unlike them who will never touch Gears of War, Halo ,Oblivion, Moto GP, Mass effect, Huxley, Shadowrun, saints row and the other exclusives not mentioned.

Lucas Kane6562d ago

played little bit of the first one, didn't like it too much, hope the next one should do well. the grafix looks pretty good, i must say

bloop6562d ago

Since when was the first one XBOX exclusive?!?!? Looks good though, and if the mayhem from the first one can be topped we're in for a treat.

ssj046562d ago

You mean a year after... lol ahaha

ssj046562d ago

Oblivion, and Huxley are on PC also. WOW never touch you were saying?

when it also on the PC please dont call it Exclusive... haha

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I Have A Confession, I Like The Fallout 3 Green Filter

The game looks too clean without it.

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isarai2d ago

How about you actually SHOW wtf you're talking about

Nacho_Z1d 5h ago

Always annoying when articles do that.

I agree with them that the tv show was a bit on the clean side. They got loads right regarding set design etc but there's room for improvement.

gold_drake1d 6h ago

i dont. it hurts my eyes. but im fairly ssensitive when it comes to that sort of stuff.