Are PS2 Bundles Replacing PS3 Backwards Compatibility?

DualShockers writes,

"Some pretty big news recently is the fact that Sony is releasing the first two PS2 God of War titles in a bundle on one BluRay disc, for play on the PS3. I was thinking for a bit that this was a pretty sweet idea. Although I'm not a fan of that particular franchise, it still opened up the idea that more titles from various developers could follow. Even though I already own all three games, it would be likely I'd re-purchase a Final Fantasy X/X-2/XII bundle, especially if they threw in a few new things or graphical upgrades during the process."

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taz80803783d ago

I was just looking at PS2 slims yesterday, they are pretty cool and cheap. Tiny versions of the PS2 taht will let you play all your old favorites.

Even saw and Old GC and original Xbox

Silellak3783d ago

I don't mind seeing these GoW-style bundles, as long as:

1. They're rare, and saved for situations like GoW where the most recent iteration of the franchise is due out soon.

2. The games are upgraded to support HD resolutions and have added trophy support.

Otherwise, I don't think the bundles are worth it.

gaffyh3783d ago

@1.1 - Yeah same here. I don't mind paying for old games again, as long as they have been upgraded in quality and content (trophies).

ThanatosDMC3783d ago

I dont want to pay for the games at full price and Silellak do you have a PS3 yet?

Silellak3783d ago

Yeah, I picked up a 160 gig Fattie after the price dropped $100 but before the Slim came out.

BiggCMan3783d ago

did everyone forget that sony santa monica actually asked us what we wanted in a god of war 3 collectors edition? and that the majority wanted the first 2 remade for ps3? this is why they are releasing them, not because there gonna start doing it with everything, jeez always jumping to conclusions. anyways, cant wait to pick this bundle up, i actually never bought them, only borrowed and beaten and them both

BattleAxe3783d ago

Zipper should re-master Socom 2 and Socom: Combined Assault.

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BROOKLYN N-M-E3783d ago

This sounds like a terrible idea, but at this point I'll believe anything. Especially from Sony!

rockleex3783d ago

Otherwise, I'd be a Nigerian millionaire by now. ^_~

taz80803783d ago

Backwards compatibility will lose out because of Downloadable games. They want you to repurchase stuff digitally.

Wiitactics3783d ago

That's the point the author states in the article. =|

NaiNaiNai3783d ago

Thats funny as hell.

acording to ps3 owenrs, DL games will always fail.

wxer3783d ago

get your self a PS2 slim
its only 99$

i don't know why ppl always makes a big deal of this

cryymoar3783d ago

DLC != full retail game.

According to "Sony fans", but really just smart consumers in general,
One would rather pay for a new full game than add-ons upon add-ons of an old game.

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Mikelarry3783d ago

all for this idea so far the prices are really affordable. i do hope they offer them as downlodable items from the store since all these games company are now pushing bigger hard drive space for our entertinment needs.

sorceror1713783d ago downloadable versions. You either pay to unlock it, or it runs so long as the original game disc is in the drive.

Not that that will actually happen. But I'd love it.

imnotgoodtenglish3783d ago

i hope not. when the ps3 is profitable and they put ps2 bc back in trough a firmware update.i hope they scratch the we can see the ps3s true potential.ps2 needs to be done in 2o10.i love ps2 but DAMN that thing is so old.

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The story is too old to be commented.