Heavy Rain Has the Most Impressive Graphics Ever, Maybe

As Videogameszone writes, Heavy Rain for PS3 has the most impressive graphics ever, maybe. Also they published some new screenshots.

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Crystallis3784d ago

"Only on the Playstaion 3"

himdeel3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

..."It only does everything!" tag line for the PS3. Easy to remember and repeat and gets to the heart of what fans of the system have been saying for some time.

That being said I'll wait till I get my hands on the game and decide for myself :) I won't start putting money down on this game till after X-mas. Still very excited about HR.

Shadow Flare3784d ago

I seem to remember some fool on this site saying that Heavy Rain looked like a ps2 game

.....Oh dear
.....Oh dear

The_Nameless_One3784d ago

Was he drooling and wearing a helmet.

MazzingerZ3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

PS3 is really making clear what you can achieve with the HW, you have Uncharted 2, GT5, Heavy Rain and God of War 3 fighting for the 1st place regarding graphics...don't forget Killzone 2

And expect similar quality from The Last Guardian, FFXIII VS and AGENT.

All of them DIFFERENT engines with similar awesome results, Kutaragi wasn't kidding when he was hyping the cell and the HW in general. Genius!

Syronicus3784d ago

I remember that guy... He was the one wearing a tinfoil hat and a shirt with the quote "I can't let you do that Dave" on it.

Shadow Flare3784d ago

Yeah i don't think i've seen him on the site for the past 2 days. Or any of the usual 360 suspects for that matter. Can't for the life of me think why lol. Butthurt maybe?

gaffyh3784d ago

Heavy Rain is one of my most anticipated game, despite being such a niche title. Graphically the characters look amazing, very realistic, you could squint and think they would look real. But the environments are not so good graphically, if you look at the gameplay with the guy in the store, the store just isn't up to par and the models of the items are fairly simple.

Seems like they spent a lot of time on the characters and not so much on the environments, although they still look decent. But the overall package still looks amazing.

NeoBasch3784d ago

Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain are indeed the benchmarks for both animation and visual fidelity. Incredibly realistic. I'd say U2 beats it by a hair, just because Naughty Dog seems to have packed in a lot of detail in the environments, whereas Quantic Dream established the style but lacks that same minuscule background detail. What I'd love to see is ND and QD hammer out an engine together. Can't imagine what kind of sick love child that would produce.

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mrv3213784d ago

Most unsure title... prehaps.

rockleex3784d ago

If you don't like the old school point and click adventure type of games, then Heavy Rain will probably not be the right game for you.

Although Heavy Rain is not a point and click game, it brings the genre into a 3D interactive environment.

Maikrobi3784d ago

I hope it will be great, it looks awesome

Aquarius3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

do I really need to click on that article ;-)

looking at her eyes gives it away easily.

@below I heard Crysis' gameplay is boring :(

Jamescagney3784d ago

Hearing things is one thing, how about you actually play it and make your own opinion then?

Pizzagaki3784d ago

One word, Crysis.
Nuff said.

3784d ago
wxer3784d ago

Crysis Most Impressive Graphics Ever on PC
Heavy Rain Has the Most Impressive Graphics Ever on consoles
and only ON PS3

and thats a FACT

The Wood3784d ago

theres no 360 games to fight your battles for ya. Running to the pc = lame.

Simon_Brezhnev3784d ago

lol i think omega past the torch to him at spinning ps3 news

bunbun7773784d ago

the old pizza guy that would speak to himself in the third person and make cryptic funny jokes

What have you done with him and why would you talk like a fanboy?

my impression:

One word:


(its got the most hd graphics)

but no one cares about that-

ZBlacktt3784d ago

Does a great PC cost $299? With the same power and potential and features of a PS3?

divideby03784d ago

do you have any idea or clue ?

LightofDarkness3784d ago

"bunbun777 - 10 minutes ago
i miss
the old pizza guy that would speak to himself in the third person and make cryptic funny jokes

What have you done with him and why would you talk like a fanboy?"

He's speaking the truth, check your own fanboyism at the the door, please.

"wxer - 31 minutes ago
5.2 -
Crysis Most Impressive Graphics Ever on PC
Heavy Rain Has the Most Impressive Graphics Ever on consoles
and only ON PS3

and thats a FACT"

Funny, the title reads "Heavy Rain Has The Most Impressive Graphics Ever, Maybe", not "Heavy Rain Has The Most Impressive Graphics Ever On Console, Maybe." He never once qualified his argument to consoles ONLY. If you make ignorant and wild claims, you should be prepared for people who are going to counter-act them, the author shouldn't depend on people like you to go re-interpreting his words/putting words in his mouth and defending his article for him.

And since when does opinion=fact? If you ask me, Uncharted 2 puts this game to shame and it has a whole lot more going on. Even the in-game/fully playable sequences, which feature far more random variables, seem to out-pace this game graphically. In every way. Seems PS3 fans around here these days love to get together for an old circle jerk anytime some unknown blogger comes along citing his wildly ill-informed and wholly termperamental opinion as fact, tag-teaming anyone who tries to bring things back to reality. I love my PS3, but this stuff makes the lot of us look like ignorant simpletons with the chromosome count of an amoeba.

The Wood3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

read between the lines. Its obvious its a stealth troll comment. Its obvious when ANY of us compare graphics on console we ignore the PC. Dont act like you dont see or know this. Point is if HE had said Uncharted like you just did then nobody would complain. Personally i agree that U2 is the best looking game and very strong from a tech standpoint. Whats wrong with being happy over graphic news anyway....sure beats reading 'teh p es 3 is teh dooomdz' articles ALSO made by bloggers dont you think. I mean whats worse : circle jerking over graphics and games or over 'sellz' you tell me

Pizzagaki3784d ago

No, LightofDarkness is right.
The headline is flawed and ridiculous, not to mention insulting.

Hence my response.
And dont worry, i am still funny, i am like Krusty, i am funny when i perform.

bunbun7773784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

he's back....


oh and LoD...i checked my fanboyism at the door this time, is it okay for me to come play with the big kids now?.....(over pretentious deuche!)

Aquarius3784d ago

I never said it was lol

no because I can't :[

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