GameFocus: Batman: Arkham Asylum Review

GameFocus writes: "In Hollywood, after Tim Burton decided he didn't want to make more Batman movies after Batman Returns, we witnessed the fall of a great comic-book character. A few years later, Christopher Nolan's take on Batman finally presented the Caped Crusader the way he should be. In the videogame world, after a series of extremely poor and boring titles, we were still waiting. How come such a mythical character couldn't have a "good" game? We asked ourselves if someday, someone would ever be able to capture the dark and grim Batman of the early years and make the ultimate game. If Christopher Nolan was able to pull it off in Hollywood recently, developer Rocksteady Studios managed to pull off what seemed to be impossible."


+ Immersive storyline
+ Incredible voice-over work and musical score
+ High quality visual presentation
+ Very easy and efficient combat system
+ Challenge Mode is fun
+ Replay value is very present


- You'll be tempted to over-use the Detective Mode vision
- End-level bosses are predictable

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