Diablo III: Blizzard Defends Auto-Attribute System

Blizzard's community manager for Diablo III has spoken up in defense of its new implementation of automatic stat assignment and removal of the manual system that existed in both D1 and D2 citing that the previous systems were flawed and that they "provide no better or more interesting customization options than other systems", also adding that the company is interested in adding more interesting ways of character customization than ever before.

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bmw693784d ago

"adding that the company is interested in adding more interesting ways of character customization than ever before" - ooh now this sounds cool!

StillGray3784d ago

Yeah if anything Blizzard has me convinced that whatever they're planning for DIII will be a lot better than what they did before.

Bleyd3784d ago

Agreed. The only thing that customizing character stats lets you do is break your own character so that it's not as strong or fast or powerful as everyone else's character. And if you manage to not break your character then it's just a cookie cutter stat assignment that everyone else has anyway. The real customizations come from deciding whether you'll focus on long range attacks or fast, up-close attacks or magic attacks or physical attacks or ice attacks or flame attacks or.... well, you get the idea.

Baka-akaB3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

once competition or enough time pass , everyone becomes cookie cutter . Doesnt mean that it's a reason to ditch ways to customize .

So what if trying to get unique you purposely or accidentally gimp yourself ? It's still a nice option to have .

I see it as yet a way to dumb down games so , at least in activision's mind , it appeals to more casual gamers . And it's rather meh .

I have every confidence the games will rocks , but it could only have been better with more options . If fun was actually the issue , and since assigning those points were half the fun for many diablo players , it was very simple to use a perfected auto assign feature for newbies

JsonHenry3784d ago

Blizzard has never let me down before. So as of right now I have no reason to doubt that no matter how odd/bad it sounds on paper - it is gonna turn out great as a finished product.

Chippydip3784d ago

yay activision is raping another franchise

Baka-akaB3784d ago

I dont see how everyone is agreeing with that . it wont make me hates or boycott Diablo 3 , but given how every mmo copied the skill tree with d1 and d2 , and how most mmo dont let you assign stats points other than for skills , it was a nice thing , and diablo's thing .

emk20043784d ago

why is blizzard trying to make diablo into wow. wows sucks if i wanted to play it i would pay for a subscrition. oh well i guess we can always still play d2.