Are Third Party Developers Trying to Sabotage the Wiis Success?

Is there a concerted effort on the part of third party developers to hinder the Wii's success? New Inside Track podcast explores the possibility.

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ITR4182d ago

I agree with Casey.

Stupid developers should be held accountable for craptastic games.

Nintendo should remove it's gold seal from games like Spiderman 3.

ben hates you4182d ago

3rd party developers havent shown any love for it from what i've seen

MySwordIsHeavenly4182d ago

I thought I warned everyone about this at E3 06'...

Oh well.

alsef074182d ago

Because the Wii is basically an outdated version console with motion controllers, the graphics are compared to last gen consoles!!!I cant see a future for that system, it is obviously for non video gamers, that dont know anything about games, unfortunately theres a majority of people that dont know about videogames so they fall for platforms like the Wii and that why its selling so much FOR NOW

Evil Rant Monkey4182d ago

to the Wii one's.... and seniors!

snoop_dizzle4182d ago (Edited 4182d ago )

The implementation a motion sensitive controller creates another big obstacle in how well a game works. Even more so than the PS3 because the Wii practically depends on motion sensing.

This adds a lot of difficulty to design a game, at least the control aspect. While Nintendo's 1st party developers make some great games, people are left with 3rd party games to play while they wait for the real games. Which could be the fatal flaw.

And yes we have seen some pretty mediocre 3rd party games on the Wii sadly. Which is a big reason why the Wii isn't gonig to be a primary console for many. And im not even dissing the Wii, i want one, for some fun.

But as long as the Wii doesn't have long game droughts from 1st party developers it should do fine. Sadly though, that is becoming more evident as time goes by.

ITR4182d ago

1st party games will come this fall.
Some will come next month.

Indi developers will end up saving the show. Mainly because they will try harder then any of the big dogs.

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The story is too old to be commented.