High-res image enlargement tech for PS3 and PSP takes extreme closeups to a new level

This new revolutionary tech is called the Gigapan. Say goodbye to your megapixels and say hello to gigapixels. These images made for Gigapan can be infinitely zoomed into over and over again. In the video they show a release calendar that can be zoomed into the dates, then inside those dates you can zoom to a video and watch it!

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Sanzee3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

So... you're saying it will enlarge my penis? Oh my, dis is teh best day eva! Me not been dis happy since release of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon in movie theata! Me so howny! Oh no... big fortune cookie only on screen you say? Only on handheld screen you say? Nooo! Shrinkage very bad! Damn you Asian grandfather of mine, why must Sanzee-Li inherit small fortune cookie genetics from you?! Haha, I'm kidding. I'm actually from Jewish and Scottish descent. Just thought I'd see what it was like to be in the other guys seat. Oh yes, big fortune cookie make Sanzee happy! (Runs to Panda Express to get a sh*tload of fortune cookies) Tech looks awesome by-the-way.

Close_Second3783d ago

Why do you feel the need to use "teh" in your postings? I see it used all over now and to me it just looks and reads ridiculous.

Is typing "The" so difficult for the "txting" generation?

phalanx_mark3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

its not txt speak its more leet speak not specifically a txt generation thing more internet geek chic speak.

cyborg69713783d ago

It's not geek or chic anymore it is just some posers wannabe losers doing it.

rockleex3783d ago

I hope they use it during karaoke gameplay in the next versions of Singstar so that people can no longer just hum to the melody.

They'll actually have to SING the words.

ABizzel13783d ago

It's not something I really want or need, but it's cool nonetheless.

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Delta3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Wow, that sounds/looks pretty cool. I wanna see some HD video of it.

Delta3783d ago

I fail then. I wonder if it will be implemented into games.

twoface3783d ago

I added an alternate link from endgadget which also showcases a voice recognition tech video. Not sure if it's been shown before

caliblue153783d ago

Yeah, it wasn't as cool...

IdleLeeSiuLung3783d ago

"This new revolutionary tech is called the Gigapan."

I'm always skeptical about technology that somebody claims to be revolutionary. After looking at part of the video (since it for some reason got cut out off), it wasn't exactly revolutionary in any way.

The technology works just like how we use a webpage today. Each webpage is just a high resolution picture with some fancy zooming in effects. I fail to see how that is revolutionary in any way or how this technology will change the way I do anything.

So yes, it isn't very cool....

caliblue153783d ago


I said the voice recognition wasn't as cool not the image enhancer. And no its not the same thing as websites, because when you blow up stuff on websites it blurs, but this will continuously over and over and over zoom in, in HD...

rockleex3783d ago

I agreed with your last comment, but somehow N4G counted it as a disagree. O_O

Anyways, caliblue is right.

Idle might be thinking of how fonts work. They look good no matter how much you zoom in because they are not pictures.

But keep zooming in on your web browser and very quickly you'll notice how all the images start to get very pixelated.

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lh_swe3783d ago

My only worry is how seamless it will be on internet speeds at the lower end of the spectrum, otherwise really cool.

wxer3783d ago

not only the PS3 already dose full true 1080P and 60fps
but add to it this New High Resolution Image Enlargement Tech

and you'll get even a better HD quality
only ON PS3

the only true HD console

54percent3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

and microsoft said the devs will work on low res for me ;_; (640p)

sephy 9 2 53783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

part made me think of something else when I first glanced over the title. Interesting tech and I hope it amounts to something we can use.

caliblue153783d ago

So many people with dirty minds early in the morning.. lol

Alcon Caper3783d ago

I hope I can enlarge things too, like at home. The purpose of making things bigger is to impress upon others the amount of space you can fill with such an enlargement.

This will probably be very popular in Japan.

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The story is too old to be commented.