New Modern Warfare 2 Weapons pages are live

modernwarfare247 writes:

We will still be working at it for the coming week but we couldn't keep this from you any longer.

We've been working VERY hard on making all these pages and we are not 100% done yet. We will need to add all the pages for the equipment and attachments in the coming week but we've received so many emails about when it will be online that we couldn't keep this hidden from you.

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TrevorPhillips3791d ago

nice, man I cannot wait to get this game and I mean I seriously cant wait to get this game

Delta3791d ago

I can wait there's many other great games coming. The new guns are pretty cool tho. T.A.R. 21 in R6V was cool hopes its just as good in CoD

randomwiz3791d ago

I can't wait either.

What's really bothering me is the ability to dual wield a sidearm... a regular side arm in cod4 had amazing range, and could kill pretty easily in a hard core match.

So dual wielding a side arm in hardcore seems unfair to me, although it might be possible that zooming in is disabled while dual weilding, so that takes out the possiblity of shooting someone on the other side of the map


Batzi3791d ago

Same here man. Can't wait.

Glyn_Dwr3791d ago

The Kriss SMG - That gun looks insane!!

Also the AA-12 - Auto Shotty FTW!!

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TrevorPhillips3791d ago

my favorite gun is the AUG, I'm so happy they added it in MW2 :)

Delta3791d ago

It's in M.A.G. which IMO is a better game that CoD (only if i get a team that communicate)

Filanime033791d ago

uhh delta fanboy much? how do you know which one is a better game already neither of the games that you are comparing hasn't come out yet.

Synthetic473791d ago

@Filanime03 There is a some-what public beta for M.A.G.

AssassinHD3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

He is a fanboy for stating an opinion? Did it occur to you that perhaps he is playing the MAG beta, or that he has played a Call of Duty game before? He didn't mention Modern Warfare 2. He said that (in his opinion) MAG is better than CoD.

He even expanded on his statement by adding that MAG is only better if he gets a team that communicates. By the way, I have the MAG beta, and I own Call of Duty 4. I agree with him. Getting on a functional squad in MAG has proven to be more fun for me than anything I have ever done in CoD4 MP.

Delta3791d ago

I'm a Beta tester for M.A.G. and CoD:MW2 is going to be the same as the first. And it's IMO (In My Opinion). I'm not saying CoD sucks or anything. "I" just like M.A.G. more than CoD.

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Socomer 19793791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

The game that plays itself. Gamer optional but not necessary.

Yohan, hope the spell checker edit helped you out as much as codmw2 auto aiming will.

y0haN3791d ago

Auto aiming? Eh? I'm a PC gamer, nice try though.

y0haN3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

The new weapons are good but I hope they kept my favourite.. the G36C. Oh, and the best map of all (shipment).

Delta3791d ago

I hope they either dumb down or take out the M-16.
Yea the G36c is awesome. I hope they have the XM-8.

y0haN3791d ago

Most of the ARs from Bad Company in general actually.

maverick11913791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

nice find

the TAR gun looks awesome will be using that alot but im a AK47 man tbh shaping up to be good mw2

you missed a gun out if you go on MP5 and watch the animated gif it shows you another gun called AUG HBAR Bling


you see the press and hold for the gun about 2 seconds in seems cool anyway

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