PAX 2009 Best in Show: Business Cards

Cat writes:

"Collecting swag is a given at a games show, and collecting business cards is just as fun. Not only does it mean I'm getting to meet people that live outside my kitchen, but I get to go all design geeky and assess the relative awesomeness of the ultimate business trading item. That's right, I bring you the best of PAX. Stuff you didn't even know you wanted to see.

The victors of PAX 2009 are as follows:"

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Cat3787d ago

Haha, hope you liked this one Columbo.

Columbo3787d ago

You got the shout-out from Naughty Dog's twitter account, so it MUST be postworthy!

Cat3787d ago

Well obviously this is the sort of coverage people want from PAX! ;)

Handsome_Devil3787d ago

Seems like ND are into a mission to clear out all the awards for themselves, even the buss. card award goes to them.

wxer3787d ago

ND buss. card looks EPIC