GameFocus Review: Metroid Prime Trilogy

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption set a new standard for first-person motion controls in video games. Now it's bringing those controls to the rest of the celebrated series, allowing players to experience the entire Metroid Prime story arc with the precision of the Wii Remote. Metroid Prime Trilogy, is a three-game collection for the Wii console that bundles all three landmark Metroid Prime games onto one disc and revamps the first two installments with intuitive Wii Remote controls, wide-screen presentation and other enhancements.

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EvilTwin3787d ago

...yeah...very upset that payday isn't until next week...this and Muramasa are making me green with envy.

moe843787d ago

Prime and Echos are just as fun as they were on the GC. However I have found that certain actions like opening doors on Corruption can take a little longer than they did pre Trilogy.

The biggest problem I have is scanning can sometime take a while(10 seconds or so) Almost like the scanning feature hangs up as the Wii reads the disk.(Which you can hear)

This could be just my game/console. But otherwise 9.0 game