Pocket Gamer NFL 2010 iPhone review

Are you looking for a decent American football game on iPhone? So are we. Fundamental flaws keep NFL 2010 from becoming the game it sets out to be.

The problems start at kick-off. NFL 2010 opts for a set of oscillating gauges in the lower corners of the screen for its kicking game. Tapping the left one sets the angle of your kick, while the one on the right determines the power. It's a rudimentary mechanic that does nothing to take advantage of the touchscreen: it's functional, but not fun.

Passing wisely leverages the touchscreen, though ease of control isn't enough to overcome aggravating imbalances against the running game. Tapping the geometric icon of a player during a play signals your guys to pass the ball. The icon's colour - red, yellow, or green - lets you know the probability of completing the pass.

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