TOKYOPOP Starcraft: Frontline Live Chat On Sept 9 is interviewing Tokyopop manga-writers on September 9th at 1:00pm PDT to discuss details of Starcraft: Frontline Vol. 4 and welcomes fans to interact in this live chat with the following writers: Paul Benjamin, David Shramek, Josh Elder, David Gerrold, Grace Randolph, Ren Zatopek and Hope Donovan (editor).

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Medievaldragon3792d ago

The stories in the manga are a tie-in with certain plots and characters existent the single player. We know because we played six maps of the single player in Irvine, and many fans played that demo at Blizzcon 2009 too. I welcome fans to read the manga and to attend the live chat to ask questions to the writers.

SCFreelancer3792d ago

That is really cool. It gives the sp a bit more mass and the manga a bit more meaning :D

Leord3792d ago

Any real chance to see Metzen there? :)

Fyzzu3792d ago

So it all hints to Starcraft 2, then? Pretty cool. I suppose that's similar to what we've already seen with certain WoW expansions, with comic and book characters turning up and having large impacts.

Medievaldragon3792d ago

Tokyopop was calling him in the morning. Don't know yet what the answer is.

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Maticus3792d ago

This manga is always top notch.

thetamer3792d ago

Looking forward to this, the more lore the better

moondragon3792d ago

There can never be too much of lore so bring it on.

Leord3792d ago

Jez, lots of lore lover online today :)

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