User pre-ordered 360 Elite bundled with 250 GB + Forza 3 + 2 Wireless Controllers

When revealed the existence of an Xbox 360 Elite bundled with a 250 GB HDD in the system of a famous retail chain, it wasn't clear if the package includes further content. Now they've been told that the system entry has been updated with more information. The Xbox 360 Elite (which is just called like that and not something like "Super Elite") with 250 GB is still priced at 279,95 Euro but with the addition of Forza Motorsport 3 and two Wireless Controllers, just like it was stated in previous reports about the not yet officially confirmed Bundle. The fact that the user from AreaGames, who contributed the information from his insider source at a retail store, already pre-ordered the whole bundle makes it hard to believe that Microsoft won't publish a press release about the new value pack soon. As far as AreaGames is informed, the bundle is slated for relase in October.

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Zedux3792d ago

what about "user updated his PS3 to 1 TB!"

Godmars2903792d ago

They don't made 2.5" HDD that size - yet.

Think the most 750GB. Though the most the PS3 can do is 500GB.

Silellak3792d ago

First post in and we're already off-topic and discussing the PS3. Fantastic.

Godmars2903792d ago

Well, we could focus on the fact that MS still sells a 360 w/o a HDD while they're rolling this monster out. Or what the price of it alone is going to be, given that they already overcharge for HDDs as is.

And how can you not make a comparison to the PS3 when its the only real reason they're doing it?

Gamer11113792d ago

kinda like sony releasing a 20 gb console enough for mandatory install 5 games...and made me go out and buy another HD...ahaha its just as bad

Cacolaco3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

@ gamer1111

They didn't make you buy the 20gb model, and you didn't have to buy an overpriced Sony brand hard drive to replace it...

20gb is still better than nothing, by the way.

whoelse3792d ago

Sounds like a lot better value than the standalone 120GB.

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jjesso19933792d ago

cool if microsoft allow this i can just put 250gb in my oringal 20gb thats now 120gb that i paid nothing becuase it was in old laptop and now its same upgrading my laptop hard drive couple weeks ago to 500gb so now i can just old 250gb to put in my 360 and not pay any microsoft stupid prices

Ron_Burgundy3792d ago

Ron Burgundy disapproves of this article

3792d ago
kaz-hirai3792d ago

:O i have a twin ^^ ;-D!!!!!!!!

FiftyFourPointTwo3792d ago

GT5 PS3 Slim bundle will obliterate this Flopbox Elite bundle.

kevinx10003792d ago

what ARe u DoInG HeRE?!?!?!?

D4RkNIKON3792d ago

I admire your boldness bubbles to you lol.

Milky3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

250GB PS3 Slim anyone?

Sibs3792d ago

There really is one coming, I don't see how people can disagree.

Godmars2903792d ago

I don't see why Sony just doesn't sell a kit that lets you choose whatever HHD you want while recycling the old one to a pocket case.

Gamer11113792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

why the F are you talking about the ps3 still...god gtfo

scroll up and you notice the "360" tab not ps3. freakin little kids damn

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The story is too old to be commented.