Tekken 6 - Boxart and Bundles

GamersDigest have uploaded the final box art for Tekken 6, along with the packaging for the 'Arcade Stick' and 'Limited Edition' bundles.

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Gamer41113785d ago

Would love to get one of the bundles, a bit too expensive for my liking though.

joemayo763785d ago

hmm so no word if the reg LE is comin to NA...dam looks like i'll have to get the hori stick version here :\

NateNater3785d ago

So the PS3 box isn't going to have the new box design? With the logo at the top instead of the side. It still looks great though.

Cwalat3785d ago

I agree, i really hope they have the new Logo on at the top because it does look ten times better than the "older" version.

El Botto3785d ago

First it was April 2009. Then it went to August 2009. Then it was pushed back to September 2009. And now its October 2009 again.

Just release it already! Im dying to play this SICK SICK game. King of all fighters for sure. This game makes SF4 look like fighting game for 6 year olds.

Customizations in this game are SICK. The gameplay WOW, the graphics WOWWWWW!!! This game is the real deal. If you like fighting games, this is the shiat.

Hommage to Bruce Lee, Marshall Law is absolutely SICK and is finally top top tier as Bruce would have undoubtedly be.

AngelorD3785d ago

black fits it way more than white

Superduper093785d ago

I think I'll get the limited edition of T6. The Arcade stick bundle is too expensive for me :(.

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The story is too old to be commented.