New HD FF13 Shots Released

Square Enix have released some previously-seen screenshots from Final Fantasy XIII, this time in HD quality. These screenshots have featured before in Japanese magazines but are here in high-def for the first time!


To clarify, these are different screens to the "New FF13 Screens" story. These are some older screens that appeared in Japanese magazines released in HD for the first time - the other story are all new screens, but in a low quality.

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Grimm103794d ago

Graphics looks stunning to me.

Then again this is the PS3 version.

hay3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

You expect it to look differently on Xbox? Square won't allow it to look worse than X version. They could add AA in the and and make it look a bit better than PS3(less jaggies). But all this nerfing had a purpose. To make the game playable on Box.
Judging how FFXII looked on PS2 it's quite sure that Xbox will look the same, or more nerfing will come in play.

Edit: Rotfl at the report reason.

Edit2: Damn, couldn't attach image. Here's link:

zeeshan3793d ago

Are those all in-game footage or is some of that CGI? I see a big difference in these pictures. Some look CGI and some don't? Also, is it going to run on 720p? or 1080p?

Wiitactics3793d ago

Well, I'm pretty happy with what I am seeing graphically but what about the content? How we'll know that Square only removed the japanese voice acting from the PS3 version and nothing else?

Or what about when you are very far on an RPG game on the X360 that you just can't return to a specific place that were very early on the game because of the multi-disc nature of the X360, will the PS3 version suffer because of this too?

I hate when in FFVII/FFVIII/FFIX if you didn't do certain side-quests on the 2 or 3 disc then you couldn't go back to do it later.

I will surely buy FFXIII on day one because it is FF and because the PS3's really lacking on the jrpg department but I'll always feel like it could have been bigger and better. =(

heroicjanitor3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

And others not so much, are some cgi?

AP3794d ago

Only the last one is CGI.

El Botto3794d ago

For an RPG, its not that bad looking I guess.

Of course, we expected nothing less for game on the PS3.

While details on monsters and characters are looking good, it would have looked a whole lot better if it were PS3 exclusive.

AP3794d ago

RPGs should in theory look better, as they're usually pushing less physics and such than say your average shooter.