411Mania: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Wii) Preview

What does Modern Warfare look and play like on Wii? Recently, we got a chance to find out.

When Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was unveiled for Wii at Gamescom, I almost thought I'd got it wrong and surely this was Modern Warfare 2. Hadn't this been released on Wii two years ago? When I checked back it obviously hadn't and so because Infinity Ward either don't have the manpower or don't want to, Treyarch have been drafted to give Wii owners a Modern Warfare experience this holiday season.

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Seferoth753788d ago

Oh well. They had a chance to make a decent game. too bad they decided on a 2 year old port just about any Wii gamer already played on other consoles. too bad the people in charge just dont have the brain power to figure out that not every Wii owner is a Wii only owner. Most of us own other consoles. Sad but when this game fails it will just be another excuse for haters to hate on it even though they themselves wouldnt buy the exact same game twice.


If its not a Nintendo 1st party game it wont sell, it's as simple as that

Gr813788d ago

Get your facts straight. Half of Wii's platinum selling games are third party. Quit living in 2006.

tunaks13788d ago

World at War on the Wii sold over a million...
ppl bashing the Wii need some new arguments

"It collects dust!" Clean it dumb ass, a console that gets played will still collect dust
"mature games don't sell!" Check out WaW sales, NMH sold enough for a sequel