Pachter: Wii price cut no later than November

In his 'August 2009 Video Game Sales Preview' Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has said he believes Nintendo must cut the price of its Wii console to under $200 no later than November 2009 if the platform holder intends to meet its sales forecast.

"We do not think that Nintendo's Wii hardware forecast is achievable without a price cut, and as long as the Wii remains at its November 2006 launch price of $249.99, we expect continued year-over-year declines for that console's sales," said Pachter.

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EvilTwin3792d ago

How many times are we going to see Pachter articles on a Wii price cut?

Yes, it will eventually happen. It's an inevitability; all console makers cut the price of their product at some point. Saying it over and over doesn't make you Nostradamus. It just makes you repetitive.

LostDjinn3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

If he just keeps it up he'll have to be right at some point. Then he can turn around and say "See. I knew it all along".

Personally I don't think Patcher has the forethought to predict boobs in a strip joint, but hey...maybe that's just me.

DelbertGrady3792d ago

I like how he says "no later than" just to be safe. If he said "In mid November" it would be a prediction. Now it's just stupid.

Carl14123792d ago

At least we now know one thing that definitely wont happen this year then

Suga Shane3792d ago

Michel de Nostredame (14 December or 21 December 1503[1] – 2 July 1566), usually Latinised to Nostradamus, was a French apothecary and reputed seer who published collections of prophecies that have since become famous worldwide. He is best known for his book Les Propheties ("The Prophecies"), the first edition of which appeared in 1555. The Prophecies portray a time in the 21st century in which "The one in white who has returned to conquer will lower itself to remain supreme" scholars believe this indiciates that the Wii will someday receive a price drop to keep outselling it competion.

PS360PCROCKS3792d ago

Oh now that was funny haha

bigjclassic3792d ago

Since NSMB Wii, is coming right around the corner. That combination is going to be very tough to contend with this holiday.

leeger3792d ago

the wii should be $149! not $249! not $199!

CobraKai3792d ago

149 is the perfect price for the wii

timestoby3792d ago

no thnaks,id rather buy a ps2 lol

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The story is too old to be commented.