Beyond3D Interview Motorstorm's Technical Director - Cell and RSX use

Considered to be the most physics-intensive title to date for the Playstation 3 - and by many people to be the most beautiful as well - Motorstorm crashed onto the gaming scene a showcase title for how recent industry trends towards enhanced physics modeling have contributed in a fundamental manner towards improving the gameplay experience.

Motorstorm itself features up to twelve detailed vehicle models onscreen at once, each vehicle made up of dozens of independent components with associated physical properties, racing on physically differentiated (and at times deformable) terrain, ultimately resulting in truly spectacular crashes.

When given the chance recently to present technical director of Evolution Studios Scott Kirkland with some questions, Beyond3d took the opportunity to ask about the development of Motorstorm and where he sees future development efforts on the Playstation 3 as heading.

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techie4485d ago

This surprises me

"MotorStorm only uses between 15 and 20 percent of available SPU resource, so we’re aiming to achieve a 5 fold increase in SPU performance, which should allow us to do some awesome stuff!"

They didn't have time to fully impliment the spu''s basically just RSX and PPU

SmokeyMcBear4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

haha deep.. already disagreeing with you, its fear that makes them click on the disagree tab.. fear i tell ya


Ha, i'm right there with ya, too be hones, i seriously don't even really understand how im typing this right now and its being send somewhere to be seen by everyone. I took one computer programming class Aced it, didnt really understand what was going on.. yeah sure if then, sub programs.. whatever, just did it and on. I much more comfortable with fluid mechanics. And yeah, its surprising that an awesome game is only scratching the surface of of the cell's spu's. Good things are coming.

techie4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

I don't get it. I'm just expressing my surprise. It's not surprising then that one of the best looking games out, only uses RSX and PPU, and 15% of SPU's...that doesn't surprise you? It surprises me and it gives me hope for Motorstorm 2 as they have now got all their tools together to use a lot more of the spu's...and for tasks that the rsx is doing in Motorstorm1.

Sorry if technology doesnt surprise you. I'm in awe of technology and machines and what they do.

Saint Sony4485d ago

The big things are still ahead for both PS3 and 360. I should not say these EVIL WORDS what I'm about to let out in this thread, because I know some will get all mad and are prolly sending me to hell in their minds, anyhow here goes...Gears of War. Epic said the same thing about Gears of War in one of the many interviews when they asked did they take all the power from 360 what they could. They said they barely scratched the surface.

I played motorstorm some time and it was fun mostly because the damage modelling and in game action was more funny than realistic. Amazing nevertheles, but that game is FAR from what PS3 can do, it was more like nice damage with ocassional pretty texture work in a world with low gravity. Not really amazing shader work yet. In near future Motorstorm and Gears of War or any of the current PS3/360 titles will look barely next gen.

If anyone of you remember first Commodore 64 games.. ancient I know, but damn, games that came years after they published C64 were AMAZING. Devs learn their tricks, it's all good for us gamers. I would say real next gen starts to happen in 2 years time

techie4485d ago

:) agreed. You're free to speak about any game you like for any platform. And I agree completely. Good times ahead.

weekapaugh4485d ago

if thats all their using i can't imagine what 75% would look like. this game is awesome just as is but the future is bright, bring it on Devs!!!

ALLGAMER4485d ago

disagreeing with you.

Anyways, thats amazing that they only used so litte of the SPU's. The game is simply amazing and addicting as hell to play online. i stay up late nights playing that damn game, always thinking, "just one more game" and before I know it, its like 3 in the morning. I cant wait for Motorstorm 2. Just Imagine how that will look.

techie4485d ago

I'm disagreeing the guy who is tracking me and clicking disagree on everything i say. Smokey and I were agreeing :)

Secret...Motorstorm had to be pegged down a bit for release...they were rushed.

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The story is too old to be commented.