New racer pushes Wii to its limits

Legendary British video game creator Archer MacLean has told that the physics implemented in his upcoming futuristic Wii racer Wheelspin will push the Nintendo console to its limits.

"Well the thing with Rollcage, WipEout, F-Zero as well, they're all classic, classic games. They, F-Zero and WipEout, had you floating through the scenery, you were just sort of swaying left and right, we've got full physics, and we're pushing the Wii to the limit to make the physics work," MacLean told at gamescom last month.

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SpoonyRedMage3789d ago

I wasn't really interested in this game but I checked a trailer and damn, it looks pretty fun. 8 player splitscreen as well, which is insane!

gaffyh3789d ago

I was expecting to see something really good, but I ended up seeing a Gripshift copy. And GripShift was baaaad, you'd want to delete it if you got it for free, that's how bad it is.

SpoonyRedMage3789d ago

Yer, it's mostly just the 8 player splitscreen(which I'd never use anyway) that intrigued me...

randomwiz3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

wipeout hd gameplay meets motorstorm physics running 30 fps @ 480p

phosphor1123789d ago

It just looks like Rollcage to me... going upside down and stuff. Personally the physics of Rollcage looks better. I hope Liverpool Studios makes a Rollcage HD.. that was my favorite arcade racer on the PS1 (more so than wipeout)

EvilTwin3789d ago

If we're not gonna get F-Zero, this should be the next best thing.

Jeromejones3789d ago

I just had a look at this game and its pretty sad to think its pushing the wii. It doesnt look out of place for an iphone game

Sarcasm3789d ago

Pushing the Wii to it's limits aye?

Give yourselves a pat on the back fellas. Do you guys want a cookie?

Next, if you guys say your ABCs you'll get a lollipop!

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The story is too old to be commented.