First Okamiden trailer

Capcom has released the first true trailer for the Okami sequel, Okamiden.

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Lucreto3788d ago

I love that music. I am going to have to break out Okami again.

So you can control Susano son as well as the new wolf.

SpoonyRedMage3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

The videos not playing for me.:'(

I want to see it!

EDIT: IT's working now, thanks for sorting it!

The game looks awesome and the way he kid was directed looked like Spirit Tracks with the Phantom. Definitely going to pick this game up.

RealityCheck3788d ago

Wow, I must say that it looks good and it appears they have kept the same kind of gameplay with exploration and the battles. I'm impressed and really looking forward to it. Trailers for KH 358/2, Okamiden and Fighting Fantasy are making me change my stance about 3D games on the DS. Just need to play them now ;)

dirthurts3788d ago

But that could be a good or bad thing... we'll see : )
Good news though.

PS360WII3788d ago

very nice right there :)

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The story is too old to be commented.