IncGamers - MMO Weekly: The Search For Guild Names

This week Jeff Hollis looks at re-branding a guild in this short and funny edition of MMO Weekly.

"Thus, when she contacted a GM to have the name 'Power of Greatness' changed to something else (surprisingly, that's allowed) she and the GM had a chat that lasted a solid half-hour. Why? Because the responding GM had an epic sense of humor, though he didn't approve of many of the names she wanted for her new guild. Despite this, she kept trying, and the back and forth between her and the GM was epic. "

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Leord3793d ago

More of this in WoW and other MMO's. More GM time, pleease :)

Fyzzu3793d ago

Ahahahah that's brilliant. I love the WoW GMs; I've had some great conversations with them before.

Maticus3793d ago

Genius! I wish I'd come up with a few of those :P