Modern Warfare 2: Custom Killstreak details

Via CVG: Robert Bowling offered PSM3 more info: "You can have a three killstreak or a fifteen killstreak if you want, or something like the AC-130 [firing down in black and white from an airborne gunship] is one of the highest killstreaks you can select," he said. "You take control of that and can fire down for thirty seconds, blow guys up," he so subtly put it.

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Rifle-Man4399d ago

Does anyone else think that it sounds like they're trying too hard?

I sure hope this works out.

hakeem09964399d ago

it's not trying too hard at all.they are just giving the more expert players some challenges.Imagine costumizing a 3,20,30 and 50 killstreak.Damn tht would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone able to achieve that deserve any means of destruction available to him

randomwiz4399d ago

i dont think they're trying too hard

its good for beginners and good for players like me.

I just hope there's a 57 killstreak option, so my efforts don't go unknown like in COD4 /brag

kevinx10004399d ago

Well, the game needed some new stuff after 2 previous games with almost the same multiplayer so i think it's good they add some stuff.

Joey Greco RULES4399d ago

I like how you went from 3 to 20, lol. thats quite a leap.

Sarcasm4399d ago

The highest kill streak I got in COD4 was 23. Never happened again though lmao.

Yeah yeah, I suck blah blah blah.

Alcon Caper4399d ago

I've only gotten 21. It's always like one guy gets like 50 kills in one game, then the rest only get like 10.

peeps4399d ago

"It's always like one guy gets like 50 kills in one game, then the rest only get like 10. "

yeh imo the killstreaks kinda imbalanced things in cod4/waw. what i mean is if you got off to a good start then suddenly you could see the enemies positions = not exactly hard to get another 2 kills when u can see the enemies on the map! b4 you know it you've got an airstike (while the uav is still up) and so thats another 2+ easy kills and then you get a helicoptor to do the work for you.

which is why you usually get some ppl getting an average score. maybe 2.0 ish if they're good and then the top guys getting really high k/d cus the ai has been doing all the work

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UnSelf4399d ago

I think ill pick this 1 up after I've mastered the MP's of:

Uncharted 2
Sigma 2
Demon souls

Yiiipeee so much mp glory to be had!

Sarcasm4399d ago

So you're gonna get this game around when COD7 launches I see.

UnSelf4399d ago

Yea sumthing like that. Even then I prolly jus borrow it frm a friend. Idk y but the cod series neva captured me like it did wit so many others. I mean I was a halo 2/3 fanatic, then every1 made the switch to cod4 and I kinda didn't see the appeal. The irony is I always begged for a modern war shooter and here I got 1 and detest it.

Also killzone 2 did sumthing to me where I can no longer take any other fps seriously.

The controls on kz2 r so damn good its almost like I wish every other fps game played like that.

My nxt anticipated fps for sure is kz3

El Botto4399d ago (Edited 4399d ago )

Awesome. Hope the balance is alright. Since its customizable, it seems to me that every multi player match will now be filled with killstreaks.

Every 10 seconds, something will happen. If thats the case, the game will be ruined.

kevinx10004399d ago

if the 3 kill streak will be a weapon, that's ^^ very likely.

Tee7soo4399d ago (Edited 4399d ago )

i was a legend in cod 4 , i well be the best in cod mw 2 no doubt .
ask anyone about
KING Mustafa .

IDetonation4399d ago

Never heard of you. :]
I'm sure your bad anyways..

PlayStation X4399d ago

go sit in your corner n shut up

Peow4399d ago

I can't wait for this. My buddies from Benning and Sill all have this preordered now. Can't wait to kick ass with them in this game...

Till I go to real combat. :/

Alcon Caper4399d ago (Edited 4399d ago )

Whoa. Well, when you do go, just know how awesome you are and that if it weren't for guys like you, we wouldn't live in a place that lets us play games and comment on N4G and everything. Seriously, thanks!!

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