Ninja Theory's Next Uses Unreal 3.0?

Gamrguru "...we have confirmed reports that the game shall utilize Epic's current generation Unreal technology...."

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byeGollum3794d ago

cut that unreal engine crap, and go and make Heavenly Sword 2 Kthx

Nice3794d ago

they had a major dispute with Sony, the game is being handled by SCEE

callahan093794d ago

I don't know where you got the impression that they had a major dispute with Sony. The link you provided in fact says the opposite.

Headline of the link you provided:
"Ninja Theory: Sony relations 'Completely Amicable'"

Definition of amicable: "characterized by or showing goodwill; friendly; peaceable:"

The article is in fact a DEBUNKING of a stupid rumor that Kotaku started.

josuttis3794d ago

"cut that unreal engine crap"


You don't like rigid low poly characters that look like they are made out of shiny plastic?

Or having everything not in the immediate foreground look like it is smeared with Vaseline?

jack_burt0n3794d ago

They took the piss, tbh I am not a big NT fan I like the heavenly sword IP but just work her into GOW :)

anyhow heavenly sword is sony owned IP.

wxer3794d ago

i wish if Sony gives SCE Studios Santa Monica the green light to make the next heavenly sword

i mean since they are f*ckin awesome in hack and slash games

just make the next heavenly sword with a GOW twist
and you'll get you an EPIC game

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MURKERR3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

the kz2 or uncharted 2 engines....sigh what could have been,heavenly sword was great

100003794d ago

The story goes as follows- Heavenly sword was initially developed for the 360 when the comepany was just add monsters, MS refused and it then went to Sony who agreed on the concept but the point that the entire community overlooked was the amount of support they got from Sony, the game could and would not have been such a mammoth title had it not been for SCEE who helped them craft the title both visually and in terms of gameplay mechanics...

Wiitactics3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Correction: For the Xbox not X360

Elven63794d ago

Are you saying the Ninja Theory devs are incapable doing their own engine or even modifying an existing one? Batman: Arkham Asylum ran on the Unreal 3 engine and that looked really good, possibly the best looking Unreal 3 game to date.

DelbertGrady3794d ago

Bioshock 1&2, Mass Effect 1&2. Other examples of UE games that look really good.

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donstar3794d ago

unreal engine..? then there is a chance that the game will come to PC also besides the Xbox 360 and PS3. Also, Ninja Theory make visually appealing games but their gameplay is of moderate quality. Maybe, with Unreal3 they could get a real AAA title.

100003794d ago

It depends on the publisher you know, though Namco Bandai have not published too many PC games....

Wiitactics3794d ago

What difference would make in the gameplay if they use unreal engine 3 or other engine?

100003794d ago

Am tired of the unreal engine....a brazillion games use it this generation and all look the same :-p

Raider693794d ago

its funny how people disagree,but they simply forgot that one of the top releases this year uses UE 3! Im talking about BATMAN-ARKHUM ASYLUM a great contender to GOTY.Just on N4G indeed!

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Raoh3794d ago

great, so no Heavenly Sword 2 so they can jump on the UE3 Shooter Train..

Yeah that's going to blow up in their face.. I believe sony owns the IP and doesnt need ninja theory to continue the series, i say sony should lock in a new developer for the series now before ninja theory comes back with their legs between their legs.

CernaML3794d ago

"before ninja theory comes back with their legs between their legs."

Whoa! How many pairs do they have?

3793d ago
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