Wild Arms Creator leaves Media.Vision

The future of the Wild ARMS series of video games is now in question. This Steampunk style Wild West RPG may be on the path of retirement because the development team is moving on to new projects. To hard-core fans, this franchise will be missed.

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patterson5138d ago

I'm gonna miss this series.
One of the most under rated RPG's with the best soundtracks.

Eric Cartman5138d ago

I still listen to Michiko's music from time to time. She's an excellent composer.

Many RPGs are underrated. Wild ARMs certainly deserved better.

Nintendo continues to ruin the quality of games, especially in Japan.

patterson5138d ago

Michiko's compositions were so perfect for the series. It really helped to create the atmosphere. Good to know there are others that feel the same way.

bubble 4 U my friend!

Noctis Aftermath5138d ago

I vaguely remember buying the first game mostly cause it was cheap and damn was it worth it, its my 2nd favorite RPG on the PSone and prob one of my top 10 RPGs i've played.

Sony need to make one for ps3 since the major shortage of good JRPGs this gen blows.

Kain815138d ago

maybe only the dev will change???

freeblue5138d ago

man, i waas hoping Wild Arms to come out and replace FF series for me in ps3. I only have Suikodan to hope for now :(

GameGambits5138d ago

I've played and beat Wild Arms 1-3. They are all 3 without a question awesome RPGs. I heard 4 was so-so, but that 5 was really good. I saw vids for Wild Arms 5, and tried to hunt it down at Gamestops in my town, but no luck.

I really hope they pump out a final Wild Arms that they will announce at TGS. :(

Chris3995138d ago

I hope so. They could always just throw another team on it.

Not having a Wild Arms this gen would make me a sad, sad panda.

patterson5138d ago

I hope Sony owns the rights too. Not having a new Wild Arms game depresses me.

patterson5138d ago

Thanks Kain that's good to know. Although the creator left maybe a new team can do one for the PS3. The more I think about it, even if he had stayed to create one, he may have felt stale from doing it for so long and the story would suffer, a new team would bring new life to it is my hope.

SpoonyRedMage5138d ago

Would it be the same under a different dev though? They created the series, it was their vision. Not Sony's.

patterson5138d ago (Edited 5138d ago )

Yeah but... the series has gone through enough now where a fresh team can bring something new to the table hopefully without losing the essence of the series.

Chris3995138d ago (Edited 5138d ago )

That should be brilliant. Maybe the Media Vision/ Wild Arms 'series vision' is in need of a "rebranding". Make it slicker, more contemporary.

Honestly, I love the IP and I hope that it doesn't dissolve like Shadow Hearts did. At least Sony seems to own the rights to this series though, so there is hope.

SaiyanFury5138d ago

Agreed, I love the Wild ARMs series, but I think it needs a bit of re-invention. I loved the games on PS1 and I loved Wild ARMs 3 and Alter Code F, but I didn't enjoy 4 or 5 as much. If the series could be brought back to it's roots and built from the ground up, I'd love to give it another go.

solidjun55138d ago

I mean a very sad panda.
Hey Wildarmsjecht, you're going to be a very sad panda.

Where the hell is Wildarms this gen. SONY, get on it!

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