Sex In Games (or the lack thereof) part one

Critical Gamer Writes: "Sex! WUH!! What iiis it good for? Absolutely nothin'!", as nobody ever sung.

The main reasons nobody's ever sung that is a) it would be a terribly unpopular opinion, and b) it is self evidently untrue. It is, as I hope anybody reading this would know, how human beings ordinarily make babies (at least until Aldous Huxley's dystopian production line seen in Brave New World comes about). It also gives fundamental christians another excuse to hate themselves and everybody else. It is something that swims through our thoughts every day – come on, admit it – and something that is exploited by advertising gnomes whenever possible. It is an inescapable and hugely important part of the adult mind and life. As such, every entertainment medium embraces it where the audience is deemed suitable. Video games are no different; though developers and publishers have always been perplexingly cack handed in their techniques.

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zeeshan3785d ago

As long as there is no pornogrphy and if they don't just start putting sex only sell copies, I am fine with it. If the story needs it, then yes, why not. It's pretty much like movies now. But porn games and stuff like that wouldn't make sense.