No downloadable content planned for Halo: ODST

Bungie recently reiterated plans to not support Halo: ODST with post-launch downloadable content. Speaking to Eurogamer at PAX 2009, Bungie community head honcho Brian Jarrard confirmed that the studio might not create DLC for the not-so-budget-priced Halo 3 expansion. He pegged Bungie's next title as the reason for the lack of future ODST content

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kevinx10003783d ago

With a new campaign, firefight, side missions and fun in an open city, 24 multiplayer maps, forge, theater and the halo reach beta i don't really think we need more DLC.

I'm sure bungie will keep supporting us with mathmaking updates and double EXP weekends.

TrevorPhillips3783d ago

I agree with you 100 percent and in fact that Halo Reach will come out 2010 that will give us all the excitement we need, and I heard the graphics will be just like killzone 2. :)

kevinx10003783d ago

i hope the game itself will be better though :P
i care more about the gameplay and story. bungie has yet to dissapoint me, so..

i also hope they'll keep theater in it!

Arsenic133783d ago

Let them work on Reach. Hopefully itll be unlike anything we can expect. I wanna see some sick visuals. This is MS flagship title after all and Halo 3 didnt look all too great.

KionicWarlord2223783d ago

Wonder how halo reach multiplayer will be ....