MyPS3: PS3 Slim 120GB Review

For months MyMedia, like so many others in the land of the Internet, speculated that Sony would either have to drop the price of the PlayStation 3, or bring out a slim model. As it so happens they did both. Without question it's a smaller piece of hardware, but how else has Sony's console developed?

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MURKERR3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

hardware :interchangeable harddrive,wifi,free online,blu ray games,blu ray movies,rechargeable controllers,bluetooth,surf the net,v....thats the advantages hardware wise over the competition

software: sony have the most first party studios over the competition,more new ips plus the multiplats...thats the software advantages over the competition

online: vidzone,home,dedicated servers,free online,continues to improve,only fearure it doesnt have which others pay £50 yearly for is xchat and xinvites.

price: £249

opinion: its a steal,f*cking deal of the century (what film is that saying from?)

muddygamesite3791d ago

I have the Original 60gb UK BC model (now 320gb), and I love it to bits. I really started to understand and appreciate it even more when I started playing Fahrenheit on the PS2 this week. But over the course of time, my 60gb started becoming a bit noisy with the fans and it might just be due to dust accumulation.

I WILL be picking up the SLIM PS3 ASAP, and im already saving up money to buy it. I need to give the 60gb a rest because its been running for 2 years without a problem. I think I will reserve it mainly for BC because it saves me buying a PS2.

I Simply cannot wait to get my haNDS on the new PS3. Every time I go to work, It hurts me to see adverts and posters showing the S3xy new beast. My mate bought one yday and I was sooooooo Jelous because I need one sooo badly.

By the way Toys R us are doing it for £229 (without any games I think).