The Death of the Joystick

In the long gone days of yore there was but one controller suitable for playing videogames; the joystick. Almost perfect in its simplicity, the original joysticks made interacting with those primitive lights immediately intuitive starting many of us down the dark path of videogame addiction.

Now, however, with the shift in PC gaming development away from a genre that used to be so successful (flight and space sims), the modern joystick is in danger of becoming obsolete. Air combat games on the home consoles opt for a more (ironically enough) "arcade" feel and are not as much simulations as those on the PC. Because of this, the console's default control scheme will suffice.

The immersion is lessened somewhat, but with physics, like what you see in a console "flight sim," it isn't the controller that is pulling you out of the game's realism. Fewer and fewer games that make the case for a joystick are being released these days and joystick manufacturers are paying attention.

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