Age of Empires III: Complete Collection Announced

GamersDigest writes;

"Microsoft Game Studios today announced that one of its most critically acclaimed Games for Windows franchises, "Age of Empires III: Complete Collection" is marching into retailers Worldwide on September 15th."

The "Age of Empires III: Complete Collection" will be offered at the estimated retail price of $49.95 (€54.99)

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qface643792d ago

age if empires 3 was the lamest one 1 and 2 were the best ones never did play age of mythology

wAtdaFck3792d ago

Age of Mythology and its expansion are worthy contributors to the Age of series. All Age of Empires 3 added was pretty graphics. The "Select between governor or nobleman" when you advanced in age originated from which minor God to choose from when you advanced in Age of Mythology.

IMO, it worked way better in Age of Mythology.

ThanatosDMC3791d ago

Age of Mythology is so much better than AoE3. AoE3 is just re-touched version of Mythology but minus the temple units.

AoE3 should have come down in price ages ago.

I like to use Rah and summon animals in Mythology. One of the biggest problem that Mythology suffered is the online registration thing with our cd-keys. Be careful so that you dont buy any European packaging since it used several similar cd-keys which screwed up gamers.

InfectedDK3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

But isn't that a bit late? - Or, did I miss to hear about new expansions lately..?

Edit: Below: Ahh I thought so but wasn't sure.. Yeah kinda strange to charge so much I guess.. Won't people just buy the original instead and then the expansion when they want, if they want..

By the way I have always loved the AOE games also AOM..!

Cronnie3792d ago

It is very late, the last expansion came out at the end of 2007.

Microsoft even have the nerve to charge $50 for it...

Elven63792d ago

I've checked Walmart, EB Games, The Source, etc and they are still selling the Age of Empires III Gold collection (which includes III and War Chiefs) for $40 so $50 isn't that bad.

Lucreto3792d ago

I was hoping for a new game. :(

ThatCanadianGuy3792d ago

The months of my life i wasted playing these incredible games..

"How do you turn this on" i'll never forget that cheat code.
Saved my ass more than a few times!

locos853792d ago

Ohh yes. Those cars were fun.

Spike473792d ago

I had a great time with it, so many epic moments online.