Turn 10 ponders Forza Natal

Forza Motorsport 3 director Dan Greenawalt is excited about Natal, and by the sound of it he's even come up with some ideas on how the 360 motion cam could transform the racing series.

"The thing that excites me the most is Natal. To me it all comes down to that core vision I pitched back in 2002 - turn gamers into car loves and car lovers into gamers," he told Xbox World 360 magazine. "What really excites me as a designer is that car passion.

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patterson5200d ago

Not being a Natal/Forza 3 hater, it's just that nothing beats playing a racing game with a steering wheel with force feed back. After all, that IS what you use when driving a real car, so from a simulator aspect what more do you want?

I would say the same if Polyphony Digital thought it would be a good idea to implement a no controller scheme. It just sounds ridiculous.

TROLL EATER5199d ago

but i think wah forza are saying is that natal might enable other ways to explore cars in games. maybe messing around wiv the interior or opening them lamborghini doors lol

JokesOnYou5199d ago (Edited 5199d ago )

A force feed back wheel is truly the best way to experience Natal.

-But thats the whole point, like micro has already said Natal will be implemented in ways that make sense depending on the game...imagine Forza3 using both a force feed back wheel and Natal.

-Instead of pushing a button to look left or right, rearview mirror, side mirrors etc we just look and Natal's Headtracking does it; "After all, that IS what you (do) when driving a real car".

-Imagine the customization shop is like a actual high tech garage where you walk in theres a minority report type interface with whatever car you want on there and you select custimization options by simply pointing with you fingers, hands etc, If you don't like the rims or color of your car, simply say "Tires"= screen with hundreds of Tires/rims appear, say: "Color" screen with tons of color options appear, you change your red car to black, etc, etc. Theres so many small tweaks that are possible here, which is why Natal is exciting.

-Now tell me with a straight face implementation like that wouldn't make hardcore games better? So yeah the haters can scream motion controls suck because all their thinking about is wii-games and of course they hate anything micro does anyway but these are the type of things I wonder about, don't tell me its not possible with the tech shown so far none of these idea's are far fetch or even over-complicated, but they would *require the game to built from the ground up with Natal in mind, which of course Forza 3 is not...Forza4 maybe?


XLiveGamer5199d ago

What about Head Tracking?

But also remember that the Natal its goin to be OPTIONAL

So you decide Steering Wheel(The one i prefer) or Natal

TROLL EATER5199d ago

turn 10 shud make pgr 5 with a lower number of cars compare to forza. They can realy get every detail of the cars like.

level 3605199d ago

It's not necessarily the racing that natal will serve it's purpose for this segment but mainly for the visuals - walkabout, getting inside cabin to synthetically touch the steering wheel, switches, gears or outside the car to inspect the engine, wheels and tires etc.

Nice video about the scanning/modelling of Bugatti Veyron for Forza game. Good details but I think still not the best, very thankful though the most prized car at the moment is in the game which is awesome.


Forza Motorsport players slam devs for using 14 year old car model

Throughout its marketing campaign Forza Motorsport has been described as being “built from the ground up,” but some players are skeptical after discovering a reused car model that first appeared in Forza Motorsport 3.

Flawlessmic58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

yep been playing it all day and the newer car models look ok at best and the older models looks downright ugly and out place. im playing on pc at 4k with everything on ultra with dlls performance mode and the cars just look completey off, even the paints looks off, gt7 on ps5 shits on the car models here and its not even close, espcially paint and materials wise!!

its by no means a bad game but it is again another hype job from MS doesnt get close to living up to what it should be.

i genuinly thought this was gonna improve on GT7 in every way, when in fact at this in point after 10 hours the only thing i think is better is the standing start races as opposed to gt7s god awful chase the rabbit races starting 25 seconds behind.

the fuel and pit stop additions to forza are just surface level additions so they could say hey we did it, i am yet to see a meaningful incorporation of either one and the systems that would facilitate it being genuine are not there.

I cant control my power to fuel ratio during the race like i can in gt7, there is no timing hud for the whole grid, so i dont know how far ahead or behind i am or when drivers are pitting so i could plan my strategy, not that pitting is necesarry at all.

rain doesnt cause a slippery surface or aqua plaining nor does it tell you just how wet the track is like gt7 which informs you if inters or full wets are needed, no weather map, nothing.

its really just shinear version of previous forza, if you want proper sim racing where actual strategy comes in to play with longer races, with real pitt stops and having to manage your actual fuel effectively during the race then this game isnt it, go get gt7.

if you want a really simple and basic sim racer then this is for you.

majorly dissapointed, i thought this was the one game from MS that would hit all the right notes, in reality built from the ground up for next gen was a bullshit line and and its not even better than a cross gen game released a year and half ago.

MTRNYC58d ago

One big thing I feel makes GT7 so much better is that they surface mapped all the tracks so they have actual imperfections which means that sometimes the fastest path is slightly off the expected path because you have to avoid the imperfections to maintain traction.

GT7 is by far the more realistic racing game. It's kind of funny because they claim they reworked the whole driving and physics system to compete with GT Sport and Forza's not even close to as realistic as even GT Sport was and GT7 is way better than GT Sport.

Stanjara58d ago

Excellent write up.
I follow SuperGT and in the preview of the game he was not impressed with improvements.
Said it felt the same as FM7.

The whole time I was searching for ray tracing in race and it was not present.

Built from ground up my ass.

(Yes yes I know there is a performance mode and a visual mode I know)

P.s. You can choose your starting grid position. WTF is that in a sim race?

Flawlessmic58d ago (Edited 58d ago )


its all the little details, you see the track evolve in gt7 with the rubbers marks, and the marbles from the tyres start building up off the racing line on the side, you can actually see the tyre deformation when racing an f1 car for instance.

honestly, im actually shocked at how much better and more advanced gt7 is than this game, this is literally just a surface level sim racer, it would make a fantastic entry point for someone new to sim racers but my lord does it pale in comparison to gt7 where it counts


yep picking your starting spot is dumb AF for this type of game

dumahim58d ago

"there is no timing hud for the whole grid, so i dont know how far ahead or behind i am or when drivers are pitting so i could plan my strategy"

Wait, really? They don't have the distance or timing splits options for the HUD anymore that's been there from the start, after they add pit stops, when you'd really need something like that?

Flawlessmic58d ago


i will correct myself slightly just opened the game to see if it was option and you can turn it on for single player races, it was set to multiplayer only but again if the races were really gonna need it they wouldve had it set as on but no the races are like i said simple surface level sim racing.

but to answer the question correctly yes it actually does have the option, you just need to turn it on

Mr Logic58d ago

So...you're rendering at 1080p. Much wow

eagle2158d ago (Edited 58d ago )

And what about the loading times in Forza? They sure are super fast in Gran Turismo 7 (PS5). :)

outsider162458d ago

"i genuinly thought this was gonna improve on GT7 in every way, when in fact at this in point after 10 hours the only thing i think is better is the standing start races as opposed to gt7s god awful chase the rabbit races starting 25 seconds behind."

This! I really hated this for every race it's always a running start and always last. And we all know the reason for that which is the bad ai.

58d ago
yeahokwhatever58d ago

"its by no means a bad game but it is again another hype job from MS doesn't get close to living up to what it should be" <-- Spot on. I've been playing since the second it launched and I'm a little disappointed too. You're totally right about the paint..its whacky how bad it is visually. I have pretty damn good hardware and the frame pacing is totally jacked up. I wanted a close-to-GT7 game on my PC, unfortunately Forza is the furthest from GT that its been. :-(

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isarai59d ago

Reusing assets is ok, but 14yr old model, when it's a hero model? That's just lame.

MTRNYC58d ago

“built from the ground up,”

This isn't even the oldest models, they are recycling, there is stuff dating back to the 360 in the game.

Everything is all lies with these guys.

Enjoy the battle pass and the DLC to get cars and tracks in your live service b.s. game, meanwhile we'll be getting them for free in GT7.

outsider162458d ago

Built from ground up for the Series S most probably. I mean that's 75% of the audience right there.

Father__Merrin58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Forza motorsport doesn't have that traditional campaign but rather just tick box races. Most reviewers are omitting this

Flawlessmic58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

i dont mind how they have done it but, theres not a whole lot of content race wise which is a let down, and the car RPG thing sucks balls.

i unlock the same things in the same order everytime and make the same upgrades in the same order everytime.

rather than being able to look at the strengths and weakness of the car im using and put my credits into upgrading the weakess im stuck upgrading parts i dont really need cause thats all i can do and by the time i do unlock what i really wanted, lo and behold the 5 race series is over and its on to a new car to rinse and repeat my unlocking and applying my upgrades

IRetrouk58d ago

I remember this being a massive negative for another game a couple gens ago👀

dumahim58d ago

On one hand, that was kind of a bigger deal since the old models didn't have an interior so it was all just a black silhouette inside. But on the other hand, they made no claims that it was built from the ground up and were clear there were premium models that did have the full interior and some without.

IRetrouk58d ago

I agree, it was jarring and not needed in my opinion, but it didn't make the game bad or worse, yet that was the impression around here at the time if you remember.

yeahokwhatever58d ago

i uh....liked the black interiors. I got the perspective without the distraction. I wish it was an option.