Has Sony Won The Console War?

Sales of Sony's re-designed PlayStation 3 have exploded in the UK, increasing nearly 1000 per cent over the prior week. The figures come from UK and Denmark market-researcher Chart-Track. "The sales increase is very impressive," said a Chart-Track representative, adding that the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 as well as both the Wii and DS Lite "by a ratio of three-to-one."

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kalebgray923786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

it has the lead but no one will officially win... but i will say the customers have .... it all comes down to games and ps3 has the best IMO ... the exclusives keep getting better... plus free services.... i dont care if it is better or worse ..... its free so any one person with a ps3 and internet can get the FULL experience from day 1

plus 3d is coming .... i'm glad to be a ps360 owner

ape0073786d ago

ps3 is a must buy system

these people went crazy after the 299$ slim

it's simply an offer you can't refuse

kalebgray923786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

you just get more for your money

edit: so the disagree is saying that there is free wifi and blu ray in 360... its a great console but you pay for ok tech

DevastationEve3786d ago

I won't argue that Sony has done well with PS3. The thing that bugs me the most are the fanboys on this site. Seriously what would make me and many other guys here happier would be if the fanboys weren't so hellbent on touting PS3 as being superior. It's fine that THEY believe it, that's what they're programmed for anyway. But they really don't need to shove their crap down anyone's throat.

Anyway, putting them aside and just judging the console for what it is I'll give it the justice that it deserves. Maybe one day I'll own a PlayStation product again, and sure the time would defintely be now to buy one. I don't doubt that Sony's sales will definitely see a spike.

Venomish3786d ago

oh yea, I totally missed the point >.<
fanboy or not
ps3 is a must own system for gamers. period.

with must own games like :Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Resistance, Killzone, Heavy Rain, God of War, GT5, The Last Guardian, Ratchet and Clank etc etc

hating on the ps3 and missing out all those titles is just plain stupidity

Pen Pooh3786d ago

Some of those games haven't even come out yet. I wouldn't call Heavenly Sword "must own" either.

Venomish3786d ago

fine it is not must own, but must play /rent whatever
why do you have to argue about the smallest things

D4RkNIKON3786d ago

It is way too early to declare a winner, I just like how the tides are changing. This will be a very interesting holiday.

Cwalat3786d ago

No one has won anything yet, but i have no doubt in my mind that Sony will be leading when this generation ends in 5 years from now, the first sign should be the passing weak where PS3 sold more than 500 000.

I dislike all talks about new consoles coming out soon when this has been such an enjoyable gaming gen, so why rush it when we can enjoy more of this awesome time.

PS3 299$, who can say no to this?

Bob Dole3786d ago

The Wii won everything a while ago. Where were you?

3786d ago
evrfighter3786d ago

"when this generation ends in 5 years from now"

this gen IS over. With directx 11 being the forefront of the new nex-gen. I would give this current gen till the end of 2010 before games on the pc are at the real nex-gen. Trust me real nex-gen games will not be had with the laughable amount of ram in both consoles no matter how fast the cpu.

So from a technical standpoint. Whoever's in the lead at the end of 2010 will be the victor of last-gen.

I'm a pc gamer I also own a ps3. But I'm just calling it like it is.

3786d ago
Sarcasm3786d ago

wait... What??? It's only been a couple of weeks. What's with these "Victory" claims already?

We're a lonnnnnnngggggggg way to go.

badz1493786d ago

hahaha...I still can't stop laughing at that! so, M$ launching Win7 with DX11 is the beginning of new generation already? yeah, keep thinking like that! even with DX10, there is not so many games on PC that kick console games out of the water just yet and you are saying we are going to start a new gen with DX11? with what game? DIRT2? that game is a joke! and I don't think this gen is going to end sooner with many devs are happy catering multiplats to the limited 7GB of space on 360! games are prettier on PC with max setting, YES but it's not getting any longer gameplay than games on consoles because they are the same game! I'm not bashing the 360 using DVD but when that practice is a norm nowadays, and it's making them buck loads of money for doing it, don't ever expect a new gen to come anytime soon!

FamilyGuy3786d ago

Please gtfo.

When people say "this gen", "next gen", "last gen" ect they are referring to CONSOLE gaming. Leave your pc love at the door. "Gen", when used in these context is not just "generation", it's "generation of console gaming" and has meant that since this gens start.

The only reason pc comes up now is because the gaming hardware is so powerful now that it's finally comparable to where we see many multi-platform games actually hit the pc too.

In short:
The pc starting to have directx 11 does NOT START A NEW "GEN" you ______! (think up something unpleasant)

InfectedDK3786d ago

This should be an annoying sound going trough your head right now with Freds voice (The guy from Youtube):

"Bu bu bu but the PS3 is deeeeeeeead mamma... "Cryyyying"...
It's deeeeeeead.. It's dooomed.. It has died!"

AKNAA3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

The PS3 is still in last place and obviously has not Won anything yet, but they will once they're first goal is reached and that is to catch up and dominate the 360 in terms of sales, since we all know it already does Hardware performance and reliability wise...
I'm guessing by summer 2010, PS3 will surpass 360 and once the motion controller is out, Sony's next target will clearly be the wii, which will take a while to catch up on in terms of sales also, but will catch up regardless, why? cause the wii won't last as long this generation in comparison to the 360, let along the PS3 due to hardware capabilities. Everyone will realize( even casual gamers) how inferior the wii is compared to the PS3 once sony's motion controller is out with all the much "updated & better games" that support it.
This will be the time nintendo will get some serious competition!
as for natal... Sorry but, I still think that it will fail and not be able to save the 360, hell, that ball game looked no better than a wii game, Lol! and milo... Hah, thats gonna be a complete failure. I'm not gonna turn on a 360 just to talk to some creepy virtual boy! and I'd rather have my kids socialize with other "Real kids" rather than a computer generated one.

GameGambits3786d ago

Japan + Europe = PS3 country by the end of the year. GT5 + FF13 = done deal for each area.

The USA will come with God of War 3, FF13, Last Guardian, Heavy Rain, MAG, Uncharted 2, White Knight Chronicles, FF14, and GT5. It honestly will take a combined effort of these games to stomp out 360 in the USA if you ask me. Luckily for Sony these games are all gonna march right out month after month soon enough, and the 360 has no exclusives in the early half of 2010 that you can't do on PC.(Granted I list FF14 which is also on PC when it comes out)

If you like videogames and don't get a PS3 by mid 2010 then break your own thumbs. You are retarded and out of the gaming loop entirely if you can't see what Sony is offering you by then.

evrfighter3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

@ badz

EA/Dice has already confirmed that frostbite 2.0 will be taking full advantage of directx 11.

There's a huge rumor going around that Capcom has started working on a PC title.

Amd/ATI has been low key as to who is developing what on directx 11 but they have said this

"ATI, graphics business unit of Advanced Micro Devices, said that the adoption rate of the next-generation Microsoft DirectX 11 application programming interface (API) by game developers is rather high and that the company expects to see “a wave” of titles supporting DirectX 11 already this year.

“We now have more startups with DirectX 11 than we saw at this stage with DirectX 10. […] After DirectX 10 was formally released in the very end of November, 2006, there was a lag of something like 5 months before the very first [DX10] title arrived. We expect a wave of [DX11] games to arrive during this calendar year,” said Richard Huddy, senior manager of software developer relations at AMD/ATI, at a conference on Thursday.

Apparently, there are so many game developers working on titles that utilize the DirectX 11 technology that ATI’s developer relations team is working on full throttle to support them."

you guys should be thankful really. PC game developers are the ones that continue to raise the bar while taking big risks. They could go after the easy money and milk you console gamers. But hats off to them for wanting to be the first to tread in new territory

@ family guy

"The key new innovations of DirectX 11 are Compute Shaders, Tessellation, Multi-Threaded Rendering, HDR Compression, Dynamic Shader Linkage and numerous others. The new capabilities will enable richer graphics experience as well as standardized approach for using GPUs for general-purpose computing (GPGPU), which will allow game developers to use graphics chips for computing of artificial intelligence, physics effects and so on."

I'm sorry familyguy I can't hear you with your foot in your mouth. come again? this current gen is coming to an end. VERY SOON. the sooner you accept it the less tears there will be in the future.

Syronicus3786d ago

Oh the irony of the Xbox Fanboy. FOr the past four years people here at N4G have had to listen tot he slams of the Xbox fanboy knocking the PS3 and touting the 360 as the superior hardware. Event he media joined along in song with you guys as you walked all over the PS3 and spouted such catch phrases as "Teh PS3 is DOOMED!" and "Teh PS3 has half the RAM of the 360!!!"... You guys are so hypocritical it's not even funny. As soon as the PS3 shows signs of pulling ahead, you guys run the "wish you PS3 fanboys weren't so hellbent" argument. Sorry, but you guys have spent far too long making fun of the PS3 to cover up. Maybe if you guys didn't spend the last four years mocking everything PS3 you would not have to endure the PS3 fans gloating a little now.

Sarcasm3786d ago

I agree with Syronicus.

Back in late 2006, if you mentioned you had a PS3. You get laughed at. You get ridiculed. You get "hahahaha PS3 has no games" or "Hahahah multiplats are super inferior" or "It's a george foreman grill" or "RIIIDDDGEE RACCERRRR" or "MASSIVE DAMAGE" or "Overpriced blu-ray Player" or "Gears can never be done on PS3" and of course the most common "PS3 is dooooommmed"

The list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on how much crap PS3 owners had to deal with up to this point. And it STILL HASN'T END!

So IMO, PS3 owners have been pushed into the corner. And now that the world has turned and things are starting to align, 360 fans have the nerve to say PS3 owners are hellbent???

I like the 360, I love the PS3. But boy oh boy, 360 folks you guys really are the most hypocritical out of ALL kinds of fanboys. Including Chevy fanboys, Ford fanboys, Sony fanboys, Ipod Fanboys, Nintendo fanboys, every kind of fanboy there is. The 360 crowd is the worst.


Consoldtobots3786d ago

"why do you have to argue about the smallest things"

because the fanboys just got a taste of the power of the playstation brand? lol seriously most of these NOW bitter fanboys weren't old enough to use the internet when the PS1 did it to the competition and were just starting to game when the PS2 did it again. Now they are speechless and besides themselves seeing the kinds of numbers a playstation product can sell IN A SINGLE WEEK. Another generation of gamers have been EDUCATED.

HolyOrangeCows3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Xbox360 is ahead, ''fans'' cheer like the ''war'' is over.
PS3 has an exceptional couple weeks, the ''war'' is over.
The war is far from over, guys.

But PS3 has become a must have system and a much better deal than the 360.

Marquis_de_Sade3786d ago

Isn't it amusing when a fanboy brands another group of fanboys "the worst". All fanboys are equally irritating.

ABizzel13786d ago

No the Wii has won the console war. Sony needs to continue selling over 1 million PS3 Slims per month for them to have any kind of chance of catching the Wii (and 1 mil a mont only translate to 12 mil per year and the Wii does what 15 mil per year).

Sony has a chance of catching the Xbox, but not the Wii unless it just dies.

3786d ago
3786d ago
DaTruth3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

This war is going into overtime! We probably won't see a decisive winner this gen. But you can't say the PS3 is in last place, because it is the 3rd fastest selling console ever and the 360 doesn't even have a rank. It is hard to say the 3rd fastest selling console is losing to the 8th fastest selling console.(see how dumb that sounds)

After all the talk, before the PS3 was even released no less. Now they find out they have the console with the inferior hardware and have the nerve to ask us not to rub it in their faces. The only reason they're so upset about it now is because they have no argument and actually believe it themselves. How long can they say, "that's nothing teh 360 can't do" and wait beyond for the 360 to do it; But the bar keeps getting raised with every new PS3 exclusive, and the 360 has yet to produce anything on par with Uncharted 1!

edgeofblade3786d ago

No, far from over, and far from being able to claim victory. But well positioned? I'll grant them that. I would rank PS3 as the best position right now, 360 not trailing far behind, and Wii just clutching on to their over-saturated, under-played market share, falling further behind.

PS3 is very well positioned to "win" now... but have they won yet? Nope. There are still lots of cards to be played this generation. Halo 3 ODST ads are coming out on TV now, Natal is still in the works, the Vitality Sensor for Wii (eh...), and Sony's motion wands are coming out eventually.

This gen is far from over, and I agree with anyone who says the GAMERS are the real winners.

Aquanox3786d ago

1 Week of success and it has already won a 6 year race.

The PS3 Slim is doing extraordinarily well, it impossible not to see this, but proclaiming victory so close to Halo, Forza and Possibly Natal is being a little too enthusiastic.

You gotta give props to Sony for fighting the good fight though.

mingeater3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

this type of blog sorry i mean article would not even be present, and the gamers that visit said site would say that no, sony haven't won. and nintendo look like they will clean up this gen.

but on n4g, or the sony fanboy heaven which it really is, then ofcourse the answer is a big fat YES, ofcourse their beloved sony have already could anyone think otherwise????????

personally, i think the gamers(by that i mean the non-fanboys that enjoy owning more than one console) have easily won this gen. great games, some great new franchises and some great on-line on both the HD consoles. all this cheerleading for one company is a little sad, pathetic disturbing??? put whatever name you want on it, reading what gets wrote by a large slice of the community on here is damn rite incredible

Marquis_de_Sade3786d ago

I wish people would stop billing Halo 3 ODST as a console mover, anyone who plays and enjoys Halo is likely to already have an Xbox 360.

flash743786d ago

What part of the Wii having already won are the people who post these topics not getting? Don't get me wrong, the PS3 and 360 are far superior to the Wii. That said, even with the increased sales from the PS3 slim, and the 360's price drop, neither has any real chance of catching the Wii. Don't forget that the Wii still hasn't even had a price drop since it was released. Add to that the fact that Nintendo didn't suffer the same type of first year losses to keep the system affordable the way Sony and Microsoft did, and that adds up to even more of an a$$-kicking. I say this not as a fanboy since I don't even own a Wii, but like it or not, the numbers don't lie. And please, don't waste your time mentioning each systems exclusives, since that isn't what the topic is about anyway. The Wii has severely lacked game support and yet it has blown everything else out of the water. Nevermind the DS whose sales have been nothing short of phenomenal, which has really put Nintendo in a great position.

ThanatosDMC3786d ago

I completely agree with you. You beat me to it.

cmrbe3786d ago

just no.Its still a very long road ahead. This console war is far from over and has only just started to heat up now that Sony is not messing around anymore. If you guys think this is good for Sony, you people just wait when the Ps3 is at $199 with all its major games like where the x360 is now. You guys will really see why the PS brand IS the gaming brand.

The best is yet to come from the PS3. Mark my words.

@ApocalyPS3 . Save your lecture. I personally don't care and i am sure most PS fans don't care. Truth is i pity you guys. Anyone with half a brain knew this would eventually happen but you guys refuse to use common sense and logic.

1. The PS3 is the 3rd fastest selling console.
2. PS3 is the most expensive console in history.
3. PS3 has been double the price of nearest competition but still selling at a faster rate.
4. All of competitions major games are out unlike Sony. Sony has been competing with Mario, Zelda,Smash Bros, Halo, Fable, NG, Froza etc with mostly new IP's this gen sofar except for MGS, Sing Star and RC.
5. Sony have more devs and partners than competition combined.
6. Sony have the most franchise of the 3 console holders that matter the most to PS2 and Ps1 owners.
7. PS3 is the most advance console and will last more than ten years with software support from Sony 1st party and partners.
8. The console war is far far from over.

Despite all of these facts and more that i don't care to write, you guys still refuse to use common sense and logic.

Instead. x360 fans and the doomsayers just look at PS2 installbase that it accumulated over 9 years and compare it to the PS3 installbase it accumulated under 3 years and then just write off the PS3 because 23 million != 140 million even though 3 years != 9 years lol.

It is not a sprint, its a marathon. Yes the PS3 is in 3rd place but it won't be when all is said and done.

The Lazy One3786d ago

It's a great deal and selling respectively, but it's still got a long ways to go before getting close to dominant market share.

That said, TGS should be interesting this year to see how M$ and Nintendo try to counter Sony's momentum. I bet M$ will drop the price after ODST comes out because they don't want to lose money on the console sales it would generate at launch.

a_squirrel3786d ago

:O Sold as much as wii, ds, and 360 combined!?!?!

Raz3786d ago

Yeah, too bad the Wii is a kids' toy populated with epic amounts of shovelware.

This is between Sony and Microsoft. Keep your little waggle-sticks out of this.

whitbyfox3785d ago

Of course it's between MS and Sony. They are competing for 2nd place! Hmm Sony are getting so-called "waggle sticks" for themselves... Also if the Wii's best game (Mario Galaxy) is ranked above every PS3/360 game on it can't say much about your next gen consoles losing to a "kids toy". Next.

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soxfan20053786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

The $299 PS3 slim is, by FAR, the toughest competition that the Xbox 360 has faced in it's 4 years on the market.

However, early numbers have shown that while the PS3 has surged in sales, as expected in the weeks following a price drop, the 360's sales have also increased month over month. Plus, the 360's price "adjustments" (I won't call it a price cut) went into effect in the last days of August, so it only stand to reason that the 360 will see a sales surge over the next few weeks and months as well.

The 360 continues to increase it's installed base despite facing its toughest competition - that's the sign of a strong product.

It's clear that the PS3's market share gains will not come at the expense of the Xbox 360. PS2 and Wii owners are going to upgrade to PS3 and 360. It wouldn't surprise me if both 360 and PS3 pass the Wii in sales during the holiday season (I'm talking month by month - it will take a lot longer to catch up to the overall sales leader).

This is a marathon, not a sprint. While the PS3 may be sprinting now, the 360 is growing steadily and consistently, and that will keep it in the game for a long time.

Pen Pooh3786d ago

"This is a marathon, not a sprint. While the PS3 may be sprinting now, the 360 is growing steadily and consistently"

I agree with that, but the PS3 has paced itself pretty well - it's only sprinting now, after years of slowly plodding forward.

kalebgray923786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

i think that being only 7 million behind and coming in a year after is good place to be in.... selling 500,000 copies in one week only closed the gap.... if 360 were put on hold for a year i can guarantee you ps3 would pass them up

edit: even though vg charts isn't the most legit source but it has shown that from launch ps3 has actually done better

so if 360 would have actually not rushed their product ps3 would be in the lead now .... in addition wii has absolutly killed both in sales

Wiitactics3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Stop using Sony's quotes to defend your box! The only one that have been sprinting from the start is MS and that's why they have a console as unreliable as the X360. In fact, they haven't been growing steadily because they have been losing market to the PS3.

The only one going strong since launch is the PS3. For more info look at @kalebgray92 comment.

+And for even more ownage just do some simple math math yourself.

X360: 31/4 = 7.75
*PS3: 24/3 = 8

soxfan20053786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

I use the quote because it's relevant now - I don't care if it once applied to PS3.

I like how you distorted the numbers. Since you want to use VGChartz (as you point out in your comment), here's a CRAZY idea - let's use the ACTUAL numbers posted on the site today.

360 - 31.67/4 = 7.91
PS3 - 23.43/3 = 7.81

It's quite clear that VGChartz is now an accepted source of numbers, based on several articles on N4G today in which the PS3's sales surge was reported. Almost EVERYONE trusted the numbers and accepted them as accurate.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3786d ago

If you want to be ANAL

Xbox 31.67/198 weeks*52=8.317 million per year
PS3 23.43/147 weeks*52=8.288 million per year

After this last week gets added in they are basically tied dead even in pace...this while PS3 had to compete with 2 other formats and the highest price point while X had a year with the playground to itself. I think the PS3 is doing just fine.

kalebgray923786d ago

i forgot they actually support ps3, ps2 and psp.... while where is the xbox 1.... dropped within a year after 360 came out.... sony has an old gen console selling fine.... the best portable gaming device... sure it sells less but much more quality with psp than ds.... sony as a company is just better .... creating new things while microsoft buy things and sell them for profit

example: natal .... bought from 3dv systems .... which is fairly old tech

Kain813786d ago

the rest of my Comment is up to you, cause i dont need to be called Fanboy , cause i tell facts...

SnuggleBandit3786d ago

look soxfan is just doing damage really think that by the end of the gen, the 360 will be ahead? huh? and why do sales matter anyways? its just funny to see everyone so happy/pissed over a number that dictates nothing.

Godmars2903786d ago

Yeah...Lets just forget about the Wii...

josuttis3786d ago

"It's quite clear that VGChartz is now an accepted source of numbers"


That is the most unintentionally hilarious thing anyone has said on this site in a long, long, long time!

The vgchartz lead!


Sarcasm3786d ago

Considering the 360 elite dropped to $299... I'm surprised there's no news at all about any sales increase.

Sorry man, but the Slim really is just that hot for $299. The Blu-Ray player being the biggest advantage to consumers. On top of that, I think people already knew what a PS3 is capable of, free online, Wi-Fi built-in, HDMI, etc. etc. They just didn't want to buy one at $399.

Now that it's $299 plus a smaller slimmer model, it's a no brainer.

The Elite is still just an elite but for $299. It's a great deal for an elite, seeing as how it used to be $479. But compared to the $299 for the PS3, it's obvious that's why there's a MASSIVE influx of sales.

callahan093786d ago

Well I've said it before and I'll say it again: I know that is not indicative of worldwide sales, but it can used to get an idea of the sales trends, and since the PS3 120gb announcement, it's been in the top 5 on, and has yet to have any other console go above it on the bestsellers list. The 360 elite, after its 'price adjustment', moved up to a top 10 position the day after release, and then started to slowly drop from there, and now it's barely still in the top 50 (in fact, as of right now, it is number 50). So if you take any indication from Amazon, the 360's price adjustment had a quick spike and then a return to normalcy, the Wii hasn't been effected at all by either console's price changes, and the PS3 had a massive spike that has not yet abated. The sheer longevity of the PS3 120gb's stay in the top 5 versus the 360 elite's stay in the top 10 leads me to believe that the PS3's price cut is having and will continue to have a much more significant effect on PS3 sales than the 360's price adjustment has had or will have on the 360's sales.

ultimolu3786d ago

Yes soxfan, spin like you always do. There will come a day when you'll no longer do that.

randomwiz3786d ago

"Almost EVERYONE trusted the numbers and accepted them as accurate. "

those were articles, not numbers. vgchartz doesn't have any numbers yet, we're still using 29th aug data.

and those articles didn't report vgchartz numbers

Father Murder X3786d ago

That was a good common sense post. But yet the SDF disagrees

Loggie3786d ago

@kalebgray92: Correct me if I'm wrong, but Microsoft didn't buy Natal FROM 3DV systems.. Microsoft bought 3DV systems..

edgeofblade3786d ago

The sprint/paced argument is quite interesting. I think the consoles have "trained" to run different races, though.

Wii trained to run a 400 m run, and to do so at a sprint. To do so, it needed a good strong heart and a nice wind to it's back. But when that's over, it's going over to the field events, which are less about endurance and speed.

360 trained to run the steeplechase: certainly a long race, but with considerable obstacles (consider the hurdle into the water to be a RRoD).

PS3 trained to run a traditional marathon and tackle the uphill sections with great effort. Slow and steady, but consistent.

Honestly, I think each console should be taken on it's own merits, and they each do things very well. PS3 will cover the most ground, 360 will get the most game time, and Wii will be the media darling.

Different races.

Steve-O3786d ago


"Yeah...Lets just forget about the Wii..."

The Wii isn't really so much a competitor here, its not really stealing so many sales off either the PS3 or the 360, at least not as much as the $300 PS3 slim may be capable of. Remember that the Wii's main strength has been its ability to cater to non-traditional gamers, and inviting new consumers to the industry, rather than stealing potential customers of the PS3/360. Thats what soxfan meant.

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Kamikaze1353786d ago

Since this article is about sales....Nintendo has won and Sony will most likely come real close to beating them by next year.

kalebgray923786d ago

wii wont last as long as ps3 just look at the ps2 and how strong it still is going .... it just doesn't have the power to stay in this gen .... but parents of kids would disagree with me i guess

Product3786d ago

Wow this article is so premature.

Pen Pooh3786d ago

I don't think they meant that the war is literally over. But if PS3 continues to outsell Wii and Xbox three-to-one, it's a safe prediction to make.

peeps3786d ago

well yes, but honestly do you think it will still be selling at that rate...? i imagine for a while it will be high, there will prob be a big peak around xmas with ppl buying them for xmas presents but when a new console (or model) releases there will always be a massive jump in sales (and likewise if you look at sales just before the console released i imagine they were lower than usual with ppl waiting to buy the slim)

randomwiz3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Sony is covered until 3/2010

Sept - strong sales
Oct - same as sept
Nov - Sales still strong, but not as strong as sept
Dec - HUGE jump in sales (GT5)
Jan - Sales pretty good
Feb - Sales showing decline
Mar - Sales jump yet again (GOW3)

tripewire3786d ago

I think its too early to tell.

And you know what, this is why the game industry revolves around Sony. Now that they have forced MS into lowering the ELITE prices and packaging a WIFI adaptor with the console, Im glad to be able to look forward to playing Halo 3 (FINALLY!) and GeOW2 as well as Forza 3 and ODST when they come out. With the WIFI in the box and (im assuming based on every bit of reasoning I posses) the lower failure rates, longer warranty, lower price the 360 is kind of a justified purchase now.

They still need to work on that free online thing though.

Thankyou Sony for consistently making the games industry better.

SpitFireAce853786d ago

said Microsoft is including a free Wi-Fi adapter with their
console.You must be dreaming first MS matches Sony on the price.
And you think they will give 100$ WiFi adapters you must be

PS.PS3 still out sold them 3:1 even though their at the same price
point as the Elite plus the Wii and the Arcade 360 are cheaper.Talk
about the power of PlayStation!

tripewire3786d ago

It was a story on here and confirmed to me by a retailer who was a 360 kinda guy.

And MS are going to do it to try and stay competitive.

Yes Im a PS3 "FANBOY" and I HATE Microsoft, but I'm a gamer before all of that and ODST looks sick.

LONEWOLF2313786d ago

Now now there is no need to fight.
It doesnt really matter who is first or who is last its not like youll get a prize for being the owner of the winning console or a price cut for you next buy. WHO CARES who wins the war just play your games its not like it will hinder your gaming if the 360 or wii or PS3 fall in the third place.......i mean come on! I am a big 360 fan no doubt BUT i love the Wii and PS3 just as much and come on guys lets face it the 360 had a good run now its time for the PS3 to come in and topple the WII and 360 empire! Its called Justice, how many years was it called worthless by many??? Now its proving it worth, if this isnt justice for our words of spite towards the system i dont know what is......??????