Controversial Ninja Gaiden 2 Commercial

Tecmo has just released a new commercial for Ninja Gaiden 2 in Japan. Showing footsteps mysteriously appear throughout New York City, it's meant to represent Ryu Hayabusa's awesome ninja techniques. This commercial is strictly running in Japan right now, but if it does make way to the American shores, the ending may cause a slight problem.

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3784d ago
Bnet3433784d ago

I don't think it's about the statue itself, but more for memories of 9/11. Any structure falling down in New York is never a good thing.

Venomish3784d ago

reminds me of the pokemon south park episode

Panthers3784d ago

Wonder why they would show the Statue of Liberty being cut in half? I think that is a pretty powerful message. Hmmmmm.

GrandTheftZamboni3784d ago

This invisible ninja technique is much more effective with clean feet.

RememberThe3573784d ago

lol yeah it kind of defeats the purpose.

Elvfam5113784d ago

"Wonder why they would show the Statue of Liberty being cut in half? I think that is a pretty powerful message. Hmmmmm."

Because you fight the Statue of Liberty in the game

I wonder how we (US)going to take this

3784d ago
ReservoirDog3163784d ago

I don't think you could call somebody a crybaby if that commercial reminds them of how their father or mother died. So have a heart, ok?

This will probably never make it to America though.

Willio3784d ago

People need to understand Americans are oversensitive about everything. People will cry about it if it is aired in the States while anywhere else, people won't care. Look at the RE4 incident killing "black" people and calling the creators racists.

Panthers3784d ago

Of course it wont make it to America. Just makes you wonder how the Japanese feel about us.

Mindboggle3784d ago

You got to admit, its a brilliant advert...

ZBlacktt3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )


Your either to young or to stupid to make a comment like that.
But no problem. We'll have Activision make a COD commercial of Japan getting bombed with 2 nuclear bombs blowing up two major cities and see how well that goes over on the folks in Japan. I mean, it's just a commercial right? Take it from someone who has served in their countries armed forces to fight for freedom. Let's all count the days until Sony USA steps in to pull this ad, lol.

aldesko3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Even though it's part of the game, it's pretty tasteless considering your target demographic has no idea why a ninja destroyed a national monument in NYC.

And there's no way this will ever be aired in America. Remember when Sony pulled the KZ2 ads from bus stops because a teacher complained that they were frightening children... even though it was just a helghast helmet?

Having said that, the ad is really well-made. I never see cool ads like this for PS3 games, although I don't watch a lot of TV. I prefer these ads to those artsy-fartsy ones I used to see all the time with babies crying and stuff.

I'm guessing he accidentally ran through a garden or something and got dirt on his feet.

IdleLeeSiuLung3784d ago

We have to be so god dang politically correct every time we say anything because somebody somewhere took offense that we can't do anything.

How about, we say screw you so we can actually get stuff done!

RAZORLAND3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

The grand-standing from U.S. politicians if this airs in America.

personally, i think its funny too

Jamegohanssj53783d ago

I want this commercial to run in America because it will sell. When I saw it I was like, wtf, then the statue of liberty part made me smile.


AKNAA3783d ago

well folks... its offical, Ryu Hayabusa is clearly a terrorist!
now we know who really took down the twin towers...

CoxMulder3783d ago

If anyone here is either young or stupid, it's you. I'll say you're the latter..

Oh wow.. Did you just actually compare a ninja slicing up a statue to the actual barbaric nuking of 2 major cities, causing the death of well over 200.000(!!) innocent civilians in a grotesque display of revenge over attacking a military base?!

(Some of) you americans never cease to amaze me.. Un-facking-believable..

And how does a ninja slicing up a statue remind people of terrorists flying a plane into a skyscraper?

Yet it's perfectly fine for an american dev to call his nuke-launcher "Fatman" anywhere but Japan.. Fackin hypocrites!!

callahan093783d ago

Whoa! That was a cool commercial. I haven't seen a commercial for a videogame that I liked that much since some of the old Ratchet & Clank commercials. It was intriguing, funny, shocking, and showed some kickass gameplay footage. I already have Ninja Gaiden 2 on 360, but that commercial was just awesome enough that I kind of want to buy Sigma 2 now!

AntoineDcoolette3783d ago

Lol I say air it in the states because it'd be worth the reactions

Reibooi3783d ago

controversial my bum. The reason it's shown is because the statue of liberty is a new boss in the game it becomes possessed somehow and you fight it anyone who has seen the trailers already knows this. They were not trying to have some powerful message or anything just recreating something from the game.

It's entertainment people get over it.

ZBlacktt3783d ago


I won't repeat myself to something like you. Replying once in a lifetime is far enough.

CoxMulder3783d ago

Maybe if you'd try to actually reply instead of repeating yourself, you'd get somewhere in life..

Fact is that your comment was childish, irrelevant, uncalled for and most of all plain ignorant.

In no way would this ad be comparable to an ad depicting 2 major cities being nuked, plain and simple. Especially not if that's something that actually happend, as it did.

If this ad depicted Ryu taking down the twin towers I'd get where you're coming from, but it doesn't so that argument is void.

mastiffchild3783d ago

I don't think it's meant offensively(i.e it's not an amalgamation of 9/11 or the Japanese wanting to relive PH!)as it's all game specific. I realise mot US TV audiences wouldn't know that BUT it's not going to go to air there, is it?

As it is I think the ads to demonstrate the silent power of the ninja-and it's something cultuyal to Japan so setting it in the US is almost them exporting this power-buit, again, for their own people. Lets also remember that the nyke was pulled from F3 for Japan but most gamers will know it was in originall and IIRC many Japanese gamers thought it's omission for them was way to sensitive and would've liked the original storyline.

As such I doubt that the Japanese have any problem with the US-they won't be supporting Al Quaieda any time soon folks, the ad isn't for the west and we don't often get Japanese culture let alone their humour so there's only affront to be taken if you're looking for it, imo.

ZBlacktt3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )


LOL, childish? You are a clueless wonder aren't you? Get somewhere in life? I will personally bet you any amount of money I make more than you, your parents and there parents. If that is in some way a dig on haven't accomplished much in life. So please stfu and stay on topic. Because when it comes to myself and my personal status. Your about as clueless in that as well. But hey, I could be wrong about that huh, lol?

Obviously the topic again does not effect you in no way, why? Because you are you are not from here? Again, your small minded reply's are meaningless and have no feeling. Because this topic's title already states we all can expect to feel if it matters to you as a human does it not? Again some get it and some......don't. Btw, I see you often don't get along on here. A Habit of thinking you're smart and can come in and educate people on how they should all think huh. Interesting. Try starting with yourself first. Also, lets save each other the time from now on. As you are someone I would never associate with in my personal business or life. So why here? This way, you can continue to think your the smart one. But if you have any questions of what video gaming was like before you were even born. Just PM me ok.

Ignore User:CoxMulder

Take care Role: Trainee ( it fits perfect ).


I agree as well. I also don't think this ad is at all directed towards the 9/11 attacks. I mean, we all know that. I feel as many other's do that it's just to close to the memories of the attack. Pick any city in the world other than downtown NY. There have been movies made and totally scrapped due to them being to closely related to the attacks on 9/11. People respect how it could be looked at and it's just the right thing to do. No matter the country. No one wants to recall the worst attack on there countries homeland in a forum of entertainment just to make a buck. But then again, lets let the population decide and Sony executives on this matter when or if this ad ever makes it over to here. I have a feeling it won't.

Willio3782d ago

No offense but you are a hyprocrit. You called out Cox as a childish kid going off topic yet you did that yourself in 2 paragraphs. The worst part yet, you blocked someone before the person could reply to your statement. All he was saying was you were comparing oranges to apples. The funny part about the statue being cut down is the fact that Americans hate the French in which of whom built it.

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Sunny_D3784d ago

Are people really going to be patriotic over a statue that was given by the french being cut in half? Lol

SupaPlaya3784d ago

when you put it like that

RememberThe3573784d ago

And they worked their asses off building that thing. If anything, the french should be pissed.

Parapraxis3784d ago

If people actually took the message inscribed on the 2nd floor pedestal to heart there may not be such a huge gap between the poor and the rich, the healthy and the sick, the happy and the sad.

I wish it was a symbol that was actually true.
Sadly it very rarely seems to be.

"Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

ZBlacktt3784d ago

Another dumb kid on the computer.... wow nice to see just how intelligent some are on here after all, lol... ( shakes head )

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- Ghost of Sparta -3784d ago

Rofl controversial or not, that sh*t was awesome.

topdawg1223784d ago

Personally, I don't think it's controversial and i don't think it's tryin to be. I can see people that would get sensitive about this though, but i still think it's an awesome ad. Just don't take it personal. This game has so much extra content it looks miles better than NG2 for 360
Thanks for testing it betabox!

54percent3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

yeah... controversial...

In movies no one has destroyed national American symbols like the White house or the Chrysler building or shown in a game Lincoln statue beheaded or.... oh wait..

Anyway it was awesome, if they edit the last part they can show it in the American TV (there are many sensitive people complaining about this being a foreign commercial)

3783d ago
FiftyFourPointTwo3784d ago

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
Only on PS3. It only does EVERYTHING.
Thanks for beta testing, bots.

Shmotz3784d ago

DEM JAPANESE MESSED WITH OUR AMURIKAANNN LADDYYY. I betcha that would happen. I'm American but it doesnt actually bother me as the Statue is one of the bosses I've heard.

Also, Lol @ guy getting slammed against the glass