Ad Powered Gaming, no cost to consumers: Why this Vision should be Reality

"I normally write articles about how to do different things with gaming consoles that could be useful. Theoretically, I'm doing the same thing here, but my target audience is the big gaming companies and developers, as well as consumer opinion as to if you would like this."
Quoted from Mega Gaming Hq

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mghq3788d ago

I think all games should be ad powered, so they could be free or cheaper

meepmoopmeep3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

NXE and Blades is ad powered and you still pay

ads are another source of revenue but i don't think full fledged games can be sold just with them
you need to sell stuff like MMO's sell gear or have subscriptions

mghq3788d ago

Nearly forgot to ask you, What do you all think. And this was written by one of our staff members

EpicCyndaquil3788d ago

Hello again everyone, I wrote this article more out of opinion, but I tried to back it up with factual information. Don't you think this would make a better gaming experience for everyone?

mghq3788d ago

It would be depending on the ads and how long

Mo0eY3788d ago


If advertisements wouldn't hinder gameplay experience up, then yes, it's a good idea.

The best example would be Burnout: Paradise. They gave us free DLC updates for a year thanks to all of that in-game advertisement they had.

mghq3788d ago

Also to get full info click the link above

mghq3788d ago

So what do yall think about it

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