PS3 Original V.S. PS3 Slim

Goozex: "Are you a new PS3 slim owner,an old PS3 original owner,or somebody considering buying a PS3 now that they are only $299?

If you fall into any of those catagories then you may be interested in my blog,I compare the PS3 slim and original as well as list off some must buy games."

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Mr Bean Laden3789d ago

they're both better than the flopbox :P :P :P

PS3PCFTW3789d ago

theyre done

what did i tell you xbots?

what was happening this year?


and the year after, and after that, and so on unitl ps4 comes out...rinse and repeat.

better luck with the next flopbox?!?

chaosatom3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

there is no reason that people shouldn't buy multiplatform ones.

Like Dead space, batman, or many others.

Dragun6193789d ago

PS3 vs Xbox360
PS3 vs PC
And now its PS3 vs PS3.

Lol, PS3 is killing the competition so much that it has to go against itself.

Scarecrows3789d ago

from allllllllllllllll the way back in last place,

Kyur4ThePain3789d ago

That little fact doesn't make UC2 look any less stellar. Or KZ2. Or GT5. Or GOW3. Or....well, you get the point, don't you?

Solid_Snake6663789d ago

no crows dosent know that thats why FF will be on 4 disks on the xbox and 1 on ps3

commodore643789d ago

If the ps3 is in third place and the ps3 fights against the ps3 for third place, does that mean the losing ps3 drops to fourth place?

Anon19743789d ago

We know the PS3 has outsold the 360 since in launched worldwide - steadily eating at the 360's lead. Why is it that you still cling to the notion that the PS3 is in third place. If you want to compare consoles that haven't been on the market for the same amount of time - why aren't you throwing in the PS2, or the Gamecube, or the Atari 2600 to compare against?

Here's something for you. The 360 has been annihilated by the PS2. Sure the PS2 has been on the market longer, but seeing that that doesn't matter to you with the PS3/360 comparison, then why shouldn't it matter with the PS2/360 comparison?

Face it. Your precious 360 console is being outsold, and has been outsold for years now. How does that affect you? Does that mean the Japanese are going to kick down your door and take your Halo games?
Personally, I couldn't care less which console was leading. I enjoy my 360, I enjoy my PS3, I enjoyed my Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube before them. The very idea that the Gamecube wasn't selling as well as some of the other consoles didn't hamper my enjoyment of the console. The PS2 selling more didn't mean that RE4 or Eternal Darkness weren't great games. Just like the fact that the 360 is being outsold and is slowing losing it's lead doesn't stop me from enjoying Sam and Max, or Gears, or Fable.
Live up to your profile description and start acting like a gamer. We're all here because we share a love of the same hobby, but sometimes I think you're more concerned about perpetuating these ridiculous console wars more than anything else.

Frederickandre13789d ago

Yes there are lots of good exclusive games now and coming out in the future for the PS3. I have the PS3 Slim with a 500 gig HDD, I sold my 160gig PS3. Just waiting for my PSP Go to come now.

commodore643789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )


For everyone's amusement, here's some isolated non-sensical darkride66 comments:

- "Personally, I couldn't care less which console was leading"
....Yet, you are the no.1 Sony defender on n4g....

- "The 360 has been annihilated by the PS2"
...what? are you seriously comparing the ps2 to the 360? get a grip!

- "Why is it that you still cling to the notion that the PS3 is in third place."
... because it IS, darkie!
It has sold 23.8m, while the 360 has sold 31.5m, according to the official last quarter reports from both companies!

Honestly, darkride66, my good man, please stop it with the pretense.
You are a Sony fanboy, through and through!
Whenever there's some Sony damage control to be done, you are 'Mr-Johnny-on-the-spot'.
That's not 'gamer' behaviour.
That's 'Sony fanboy' behaviour!

Everybody knows this is true about you.
Question is, do you?

Also, I feel like you are stalking my posts like a nutjob.
Give it a rest, ok?

moparful993789d ago

This is where I have a problem with you and the other sony haters that populate this site. Whenever a pro ps3 user comments in response to you and your bretheren of hate your only response is the same old tired fallback. Sony fanboy. Not only did darkie make very legitimate points but he did so in a tactful way. Not once did he try to offend you yet all you can do is lash out because your pride dictates that you must not be made to look like a fool. But the truth is you do a good job of that yourself. Just because darkie loves his ps3 and prefers it over his 360 does not make him a fanboy... In fact your even more so a fanboy, actions speak louder than words my friend... I already know that your going to disagree with me, hell you may even try to take my bubbles but my bubbles arent going anywhere. I have more respect on this site than your or any of the other haters that float around here propogating your anti ps3 agendas. It takes a man to admit that he was wrong and you well lets just say your manhood is in question right now...

Anon19743789d ago

I've said it before and I'll say it a gamer. I don't understand your single minded dedication to continuing these ridiculous console wars. My comment regarding the PS2/360 was simply to illustrate how ridiculous your comments are. If you insist on comparing consoles sales that haven't been out the same period of time, why not compare the PS2 to the 360.

In making fun of my statement you prove my point...comparing total sales of the PS3 and 360 is ridiculous and proves nothing because they haven't been out for the same length of time.

Anyone can view my posting history and see my defending the 360, see me talking about both 360 and PS3 games I'm looking forward to have played and see that what gets me the most riled up is the spread of misinformation on this site. What will people see if they were to view your posting history?

I proudly call myself I gamer. You never see me bashing games I haven't played. You never see me being critical for no reason and anyone who wants can contact me on either XBL or PSN to say hi, and many have.

You're not a gamer. A gamer would never bash titles they haven't played, or a system they don't own.

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Saaking3789d ago

Both are MUCH better than the 360.

Godofwar3rapes3789d ago

end of story. the only losers are the wii and the 3shit

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